Just plane rude: Woman busts passenger calling her fat a’ in text

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He accused her of being in the mile-wide club.

A female airplane passenger discovered that the “friendly skies” are anything but after busting her seatmate calling her “fat a–” in a text. A video chronicling the in-flight fat-shaming currently boasts almost 3 million views since it was uploaded on TikTok last Tuesday.

“He has his phone out, like, way out in front of him, like, where I can see it,” described Landen Ewing of the ordeal, which reportedly occurred last month while she was flying from Nashville.

The flabbergasted flyer recalled that she was reading her neighbor’s “text with his girlfriend and she’s asking him how the flight’s going.”

He reportedly responded by saying “too small with this fat a– next to me,” according to a screenshot Ewing posted of the alleged offender’s phone screen.

Warning: Graphic language in video

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“Like he was talking about me!” exclaimed the aghast gal on camera.

Unfortunately, the barrage of body shots didn’t end there.

Ewing claimed that the rude passenger “continued to text about how fat I was” and bellyache about how he “hates being on small flights with fat people.”

The offended bombshell concluded the video callout with a message to the body-shamer’s paramour.

“If you’re his wife or girlfriend and you see this, your boyfriend sucks!” Ewing said.

TikTok commenters sympathized with the insult recipient’s in-flight plight.

“I hope the girl sees this so she can be embarrassed that she makes him treat other girls like that,” commented one online ride-or-die girl.

Another suggested that when the flight attendant came, Ewing should’ve joked that she wanted a “diet coke” because of her “weight problem.”

The jiggle jabs were particularly puzzling as the videographer didn’t appear to be overweight, leading commenters to speculate that Ewing’s seatmate was simply pretending she was chunky to appease his jealous girlfriend.

“No sis he thought you were beautiful and his gf is so insecure that she doesn’t trust him,” postulated one newfound fan.

Another wrote, “Yeah, you’re gorgeous. Sounds like he’s been in trouble with his GF before that had nothing to do with you. But I’m sorry you had to read that.”

Ewing responded, “Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments! Keep being kind.”

This isn’t the first time an aggrieved gal has inadvertently caught someone trashing them behind their back. Earlier this month, a Michigan boutique store applicant accidentally received a hurtful message from her prospective employer, in which he described her as “not that cute.”

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