Kate Middleton steps ‘away from tradition’ with ‘gentle’ parenting techniques

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Kate Middleton, 39, and Prince William, 38, tied the knot in 2011 after meeting one another at university. Since then, they have had three royal children who occasionally will be seen with their parents in public. An expert has commented on the couple’s and explained that their style steps away from traditional techniques. 

Being members of the Royal Family means that there are rules and protocol to follow for the Cambridges. 

However Kate and William have stepped away from many traditional parenting techniques according to one expert.

Speaking to, Early Years Expert and Parenting Coach, Sophie Pickles, explained that the Duchess’ parenting style encourages her children’s independence.

With the children third, fourth and fifth in line to the throne, they are likely to have important roles in the family when they are older.

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Sophie said: “Kate’s parenting style encourages her children to learn to be independent and self-sufficient – skills of the utmost importance for the future monarch and his siblings.”

With the Duchess encouraging the children to be independent now, this could help them later in life within their Royal Family roles.

The expert added: “She values communication highly and teaches her children to openly speak about their feelings and opinions.”

As well as this, Kate and William have also spoken about their own parenting struggles, which could highlight to the children that speaking about feelings is encouraged.

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Speaking on Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, Kate shared that she experiences mum guilt “all the time”.

She added: “I think anyone who doesn’t, as a mother, is actually lying.”

The parenting expert went on to say that Kate’s technique is “gentle.

She said: “The value of play is of great importance to the Duchess as she knows that it is through play that children become better problem solvers, develop higher levels of creativity and grow in independence.

“It is clear that Kate prescribes to the modern ‘gentle parenting’ movement. 

“This modern parenting style encourages parents to value their children’s opinions, encourages them to follow children’s wants and interests and talk openly about thoughts and feelings.”

Prince William recently encouraged Prince George’s independence when speaking on a podcast saying that George is to form his own opinion on what football team he will support. 

It was also revealed that the Cambridge’s have a “chat sofa” where they talk about the children’s behaviour openly, rather than punishing them.

Sophie added: “Children’s wellbeing and mental health is being valued more highly than ever before and this is something about which Kate feels very passionate.

“Kate loves spending time with her own children. She takes a great interest in early childhood education and development and wants to ensure that her children are raised in the way she believes is best.”

Kate will also attend many events about early years education, speaking to mothers from all backgrounds and listening to their issues.

Her recent campaign was her 5 Big Questions survey which encourages parents across the country to answer questions on what they thought on early years education.

The expert went on to explain that the couple have opted against implementing many traditional techniques into their parenting.

She continued: “The royal sibset know they can come to Kate and William with any problem and this is something that the royal parenting duo are keen to encourage. 

“Stepping away from tradition and hiring only one nanny – rather than the usual two or three – will have been a conscious decision by Kate and William to ensure that they play an active parenting role in their children’s development. 

“Kate knows that the most effective form of communication between parent and child involves making the child feel listened to, valued and respected. 

“This is why we often see her bending down to address the children at eye-level, whether they are in public or not. 

“Lowering yourself to your children’s level not only makes them feel respected but it is more likely that effective communication will pass between both parent and child.”

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