Lad slated as he invites mates on honeymoon – without telling his wife-to-be

A honeymoon is supposed to be a romantic getaway for newlyweds to enjoy a luxurious destination by themselves – quite literally.

A plane ride into a holiday of passion with rose petal covered beds and quality alone time, it really does sound like pure bliss.

So with seven months until their big day, one couple started to plan their dream trip.

But the bride didn't know the dream destination was that of the groom-to-be’s and his mates.

The soon-to-be hubby decided to invite his pals along on his honeymoon – without consulting his wife-to-be first. Awkward…

When telling his friends where he and his partner were planning to honeymoon, they found themselves riddled with jealousy.

They “wished” they could go too – so the bloke took this quite literally.

He took to Reddit to explain the situation and attempted to defend his actions.

The groom said: “I told them (my friends) that we could consider the idea of making this a friend inclusive honeymoon and they were very excited with the idea.

“Sadly for many years we hadn't been able to plan the trip with the guys to that place because our conflicting schedules but now pretty much is easier for us to be able to align our vacation days.

“So I thought this was a great chance.”

Starting to plan a lads getaway for his honeymoon, the groom finally mentioned his plan to his partner.

And she was not happy in the slightest.

He revealed: “I announced it to my fiancée the other day and I thought she'd find it a cool idea but she got completely mad at me and started crying and telling me how much of an inconsiderate a***hole I am.

“I tried to explain to her I didn't do it with malice.

“I simply thought it would be a good chance for the guys to experience it and I even told her she can tell some of her own friends of they want to join.”

Not having any of her partner’s excuses, the wife-to-be hit back at the bloke.

He explained: “She told me that I'm ridiculous for insisting that this is a good idea and how she felt horrible because I'm inconsiderate because I made my honeymoon into a friendship trip when it's supposed to be about us two.

“She also says I'm an even bigger a***hole for discussing it with my friends and getting them excited about it when I didn't consult her.

"I thought it sounded fun."

Overwhelmingly, many people fled to the comments to defend the wife-to-be and branded the Redditor a “fool.”

One person commented: “It’s a honeymoon you fool. She’s in for a hell of a marriage lol.”

Another user added: “A honeymoon and a 'boys trip' are two different things. I can't believe you would actually think it was okay to tell your friends they could come on your honeymoon, especially without talking to your partner first.”

A third person voiced: “It’s a honeymoon with your wife, not an all-inclusive lads’ weekend in Magaluf.”

Someone else said: “An actually sane person would tell their friends that they're excited about the honeymoon and maybe one day they'll take a separate friend trip out to that destination.”

As a fifth user remarked: “Honeymoon is the time you get to take out for each other as a newly married couple.”

“The message you are sending here is you don't consider your honeymoon to be special and are treating it like just a holiday with friends.”

Let us know in the comments if you think that the husband is in the wrong!

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