London Zoo's Gay Penguin Pair Celebrates Pride With Banner: 'Some Penguins Are Gay Get Over It'

The ZSL London Zoo is celebrating Pride next week, and as part of the celebration the zoo is installing a banner that will read “Some Penguins Are Gay, Get Over it” on the beach of their penguin habitat.

This exhibit is home to the zoo’s famous same-sex couple, Humboldt penguins Reggie and Ronnie, and several other gay penguin couples.

Reggie and Ronnie became a couple back in 2014, eventually adopting a chick, Kyton, that had been abandoned by another couple, according to the zoo.

The adorable penguin partners live on the zoo’s beach along with same-sex penguin couples Martin and Dev, and Nadja and Zimmer. In total, 93 Humboldt penguins call the habitat home.

London Zoo’s Pride-inspired events begin July 5, and will last three days, according to a BBC report. The activities aim to educate the public on the same-sex behaviors and relationships of animals.

The banner being added to the penguin habitat is part of these celebrations. The addition is an homage to Stonewall’s ‘Get Over It’ campaign, which was created to “tackle homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying,” according to the campaign’s website.

“We loved Stonewall’s campaign and wanted to remind people that same-sex relationships happen across the animal kingdom — even here in our penguin colony at ZSL London Zoo,” a spokesperson for the London Zoo told the BBC.

“Zoo Nights Pride Takeover is a great opportunity to celebrate diversity while learning about wildlife.”

And as for the zoo’s most famous gay couple, zookeepers say the two have remained inseparable since meeting nearly five years ago.

“(They) spend all their time together”, the zoo said of Reggie and Ronnie.

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