Lucky the dingo puppy survived a dramatic birth after all her siblings died

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An adorable dingo pup who was the only survivor of an emergency C-section is thriving a week after her dramatic birth.

Her mother, a dingo called Adina, was rushed from the Australian Reptile Park to Somersby Animal Hospital in a desperate bid to save her babies.

Sadly one puppy pulled through following a dramatic birth and she was named Lucky because of her miraculous survival.

The good news is that Adina is recovering well from the operation and providing milk, and little Lucky weighed in at 615g and is on track to grow into a healthy pup. 

‘It was quite a scary day when we had to rush Adina off to surgery for the c-section and we’re so blessed to have the outcome that we do,’ says Tim Faulkner, reptile park director.

‘We have all already fallen head over heels in love with Lucky and I can’t wait to see her grow over the coming months.’

Tim adds that keepers were trying their best to keep their distance from the animals to help the mother and daughter bond, but also needed to make sure they were healthy.

‘It’s hard because I want to leave her there, she doesn’t want us to be looking at her every day but the facts are, she’s had an operation and the pup was on the way so we need to be looking at her daily,’ he explains.

He says the pair were progressing well and Lucky was taking to her mother’s milk.

‘We could see Lucky suckling milk from Adina and knew there was special motherly love there. However, we need to make sure they’re both healthy,’ Mr Faulkner said. 

Lucky is progressing well enough that only weekly check ups are required going forward, which will help take the pressure off Adina.

‘Would you believe in only another week or two Lucky will be out running around, they develop so quickly and we’ve got a success story,’ He says. 

In the next few weeks, Lucky will be able to be seen by visitors bonding with her parents in the dingo enclosure at the Australian Reptile Park. 

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