Madison Beer denies using participation in protests for publicity

Madison Beer has hit back at accusations that she staged a photo op during a protest and is guilty of “performative activism.”

Earlier this week, a video of the pop star began circulating that shows her posing in front of a photographer on top of a car near a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles — causing critics to speculate that her intentions weren’t genuine. One jabbed, “of course madison beer had to use this opportunity for a photo op lmaooo this is what we call performative activism.”

The  21-year-old performer — who has been regularly tweeting about protesting and even running away from tear gas — clapped back at the claims by writing: “I have been protesting for days. this is not and never was a photo op it is me standing with a movement and getting out there to spread a message I believe in. that is all.”

Despite the naysayers, Beer had a legion of fans on her side, with one commenting, “It’s sad how untrue this is. I literally witnessed the girl protesting without any incentive!” Another wrote, “I ran into Madison as well two days ago in Santa Monica as I was also out there documenting what is going on … She’s been out fighting for this since it started. Don’t believe everything you read.”

Beer has a huge social media following with over 10 million followers on TikTok and more than 1.8 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

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