Martin Lewis shares how you can get massive reduction on broadband bill

Energy crisis: Martin Lewis says there are no cheap deals left

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Speaking on her ITV show, The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, the money expert gave some recommendations on how people can save “a substantial” amount of money on their monthly bills.

The Money Saving Expert talked about broadband costs, the latest energy update, new anti-scam help and cheap toys amongst others.

“Anyone recently tried to haggle down the cost of your broadband or digital TV package?

“How did it go.

“What saving did you make? How did you charm them into it?” previously asked on his social media page.

Talking about how Britons can get a reduction on their broadband bill, Martin shared a few options which “will mean massive savings.”

However, the most effective came when a social media user explained he has a poor internet connection and asked how he could terminate his broadband contract.

“What I would do,” said Martin “is to contact them and say you have a bad signal.”

“And that you’re not getting the service they promised.

“It’s a negotiation tactic,” the money expert explained.

Martin said the provider will probably give you a reduction on your broadband bill.

However, he warned Britons would have to prove they had bad connection. 

The money expert also shared some current deals and offers.

Martin revealed Sainsbury’s is offering 30 percent off “your usual products.”

The discount is for branded and own-brand products families usually buy every week.

He explained Sainsbury’s promised shoppers will be saving £200 a year by using the new scheme.

However, Martin and his team calculated it would be a saving of £100 a year.

Britons can scan the Sainbury’s Smartcard app or use in-store scanners to get the discount.

Martin Lewis also revealed now is the best time to get Christmas presents as some supermarkets are offering great discounts.

He advised supermarket Tesco has discounted toys and these are now available at half price.

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