McDonald's reveals exact date Monopoly will be returning

McDonald’s reveals the exact date Monopoly will be returning to its restaurants – and it’s SOON

  • You need Park Lane to win the big bucks – but only five have been printed 
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McDonald’s has revealed the exact date its famous Monopoly game will return to restaurants.

The fast food chain has confirmed the popular game will be back for customers within a matter of weeks.

In a quirky post on Instagram Threads, it wrote: ‘M_N_P_Y at McDonald’s is back this September 6th. Real fans will know.’

In March, McDonald’s confirmed it would be bringing back the popular game this year.

Customers can win a range of prizes – from a free burger to a car – if they get lucky when they buy a food items

And now we know it will be in September.

To play, people collect property stickers from their food packaging that represent train stations or colour co-ordinated road names – much like the classic game.

Once collected, these stickers are then put towards a larger prize – like the normal Monopoly. 

In the traditional game, people collect properties in their corresponding colour sets to ‘win’. 

With McDonald’s Monopoly, this is similar in that you collect properties or stations to win prizes. 

Some colours will need only two properties to win a prize, but others four. 

The top prize of £100,000 cash only requires two properties – Park Lane and Mayfair – but the Mayfair one is the rarest with only five printed in total. 

As well as these prizes, there are also instant prizes, which can be redeemed at any McDonald’s branch by handing the token over when you order your meal. 

But in some instances, if you have a winning code, you may also need to provide some personal details to redeem it.

The tokens are also not on every item – but select items. 

These include Spicy Chicken Mcnuggets, Big Tasty, Big Tasty with bacon, Spicy McNuggets and Twix and Mars McFlurry.  

Prizes on offer change each year, but previous winners have scooped up £100,000 in cash and electric Minis.

McDonald’s has revealed the exact date its famous Monopoly game will return to restaurants

Others have won holidays with TUI worth £2k holiday with TUI.

Some instant win prizes have included £1,000 in cash and £200 for Passing Go! 

While small prizes include a free £1.99 Extra Value Meal or free McFlurry.

The last time Monopoly ran was in September 2022 for six weeks. 

Earlier this month, foodies were devastated that McDonald’s is phasing out three of its McCafe baked goods.

The fast-food outlet is getting rid of its beloved apple fritters, blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls this month.

A McDonald’s spokesman told CNN Business that the brand was ‘listening’ to customers and ‘adjusting’ its menu based on what foodies ‘crave’.

While the eatery has not confirmed the exact date the items will be discontinued, Brooklyn food blogger Markie Devo claims they will disappear by July 15.

The three baked items were only launched in 2020. 

And customers aren’t happy about the news, with one person sharing their frustration online, writing: ‘This is absolute insanity and I’m being totally serious.’

Out of the three bakery options, it appears the majority of customers were most disappointed about the blueberry muffin and apple fritter being scrapped.

One upset customer wrote: ‘I’m so upset. I really loved the blueberry muffin.’

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