Medicom Toy Imagines The Mandalorian With Its Latest [email protected]

Medicom Toy has just unveiled a new [email protected] that takes on the form of The Mandalorian from the eponymous Disney+ show. This follows a collaborative set of Boba Fett figures BAPE and Medicom Toy put out back in July.

Compared to the previous Boba Fett iteration, this Mandalorian comes with a clean, scratchless finish. Like in the popular show, this figure is depicted with a silver Durasteel helmet that comes with a T-shaped HUD. Metal plates around the chest and forearms are set against a brown leather foundation. The [email protected] boasts orange gloves and leather pants that feature a handful of details like knee plates and various pockets and straps. As a finishing touch, the figure is depicted with the same brown boots as seen in the show.

Medicom Toy’s “The Mandalorian” [email protected] is available for raffle in sizes of 100% & 400% and 1000% on Medicom Toy’s website for ¥14,300 JPY and ¥75,600 JPY ($137 USD and $728 USD), respectively.

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