Meet Twitter’s New CEO Parag Agrawal

Dorsey was the CEO of Twitter for 15 years will be replaced by Parag Agrawal beginning November 2021. Agrawal joined the company back in 2011 as a software engineer; little did he know that he would end up leading the company after ten years of working for the company.

When Jack Dorsey announced his resignation as the CEO of Twitter, he also announced that Parag Agrawal would be replacing him effective immediately. He has been serving the company as the Chief Technology Officer since 2017, which made him a great candidate for the position left by Dorsey. He has proven his skills over time, and Dorsey believes that he has earned the position because of his talent.

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Agrawal’s Life As A Student

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Parag Agrawal was born on May 21, 1984, in Rajasthan, India. His father used to be a senior official in the Indian Department of Atomic Energy, while his mother is a retired school teacher. Their family, who used to live in Ajmer, Rajasthan, later relocated to Mumbai. He studied at the Atomic Energy Central School No.4, where he became the classmate of the famous singer Shreya Ghoshal. With his passion for studying, Agrawal won different awards both in and out of school, including a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad in 2001, which was held in Turkey.

Agrawal placed 77th position on the ranking of the IIT Joint Entrance Exam in 2000 for his entrance exam, and he obtained his degree Business Technology in computer science and engineering from the same school in 2005. He then decided to move to the US to further pursue his studies, taking up a Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford University with the guidance of Jennifer Widom.

Working Efficiently To Secure Successful Career

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Agrawal is not really well known both outside and inside their company, Twitter, even though he has been with the company for about a decade. He has worked his way up from a simple software engineer for the company to become the chief technology officer and now the company’s CEO. Through the years, he has also developed a friendship with top executives, including Jack Dorsey. When he started working for the company, he only focused on their project and then later became the first-ever recipient of Twitter’s Distinguished Engineer title.

Before joining Twitter as a software engineer in 2011, he has held leadership positions at Yahoo! Research and Microsoft Research. After six years of working for Twitter, he was appointed as the Chief Technology Officer in October 2017 following the departure from the company of Adam Massinger. CEO Jack Dorsey trusts Parag Agrawal’s skills and works ethics so much that he entrusted a special project called Project Bluesky to Parag Agrawal in December 2019. The project takes on the initiative to start developing a decentralized protocol for the social network.

The Project That Earned Dorsey’s Trust

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Agrawal spearheaded an effort to finally advance the internal technology of Twitter in 2018, a year after he was appointed as Chief Technology Officer. In an effort to improve the system of Twitter, he tried to speed up the pace of the feature deployment and development. He used the complaints from users that Twitter is slow at shipping as motivation rather than getting hurt by it. Seeing his initiatives to further improve the company’s product, Dorsey decided to give him the Bluesky Project. When Agrawal took charge of the Bluesky project, he was overseeing the decentralized Bluesky platform. The project was intended to decentralize and open the standards for social media. The aim of the project is to eventually use it for Twitter.

The Bluesky Project was a much more dramatic idea for the future Twitter, and it has been a pet project of Dorsey. Dorsey was impressed with the way Agrawal handled the project. Soon, with the leadership of Agrawal, the Bluesky has been picking up the stream in the past few months following a long period of silence. The group released a review of the existing decentralized social media system in January 2021, and they decided to appoint Jay Graber, the cryptocurrency developer. Agrawal handling the biggest project Bluesky has cemented Dorsey’s decision to appoint him as the next CEO. Although Graber is already leading the project, he was still to report directly to Agrawal regarding minor and major development in the project.

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