Megan McKenna uses this £11 vodka face scrub to get glowing skin

One of the best things about lockdown? Getting a peek into more celebs’ bathroom cabinets than ever before.

Which is exactly what we got from Megan McKenna recently when she posted a snapshot of her skincare routine, which featured an instantly recognisable black pot from Lush, known for using natural ingredients, crazy colour and unmissable fragrances in their products.

Closer inspection revealed the product was their Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub , which you can buy here from just £11.

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This scrub contains sea salt, coconut oil and one unusual ingredient – fresh lime extracted in vodka (although it is also available in an alcohol-free version). Together, these give a thorough exfoliation and result in deeply cleansed, smooth skin.

The product is a pale blue colour in the pot then turns creamy white when rubbed on to the skin.

Which is exactly what Megan did in a cute video on Instagram Stories, showing herself in the bathroom of her Essex home with the scrub covering her face.

“Just washed all that off – I feel so fresh,” she says afterwards.

And it obviously works, as the 27-year-old singer has been showing off her natural beauty by sharing plenty of bare-faced selfies since being at home, and her skin is glowing.

Megan’s not the only one to feel fresh-faced after using this scrub – which can be applied to the face and body – as it has hundreds of rave reviews on Lush’s website.

“I love this face scrub for the morning. It helps me wake up and feel ready to go for the day,” says one fan.

“This is the best facial scrub I have ever tried and it miraculously leaves my face soft,” reads another review.

The scent is a hit with customers too. One said “It smells like the ocean” while another said “It smells divine, all limey and salty”.

Megan finished off her pampering routine with the Kiehl’s Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream , buy it here for £39.50.

This is a lightweight moisturiser that soothes and hydrates skin, making it the perfect product to follow this deep exfoliation.

Two products to radiant skin? We’re sold!

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