Mum feels ‘heartless’ for not being upset about losing her baby

A woman currently going through a miscarriage has spoken out about how she doesn't feel upset about losing her baby.

The Mumsnet user took to the online maternity platform to ask fellow mothers if she was "actually heartless" given her apathy at her pregnancy terminating.

In a post titled 'Feeling like I'm the only one who feels like this about miscarriage', the woman, who is currently eight weeks pregnant, explained how she was browsing the internet for guidance on painkillers and to see whether she needed any scans when it became evident that all information "is really focused on how I'm feeling".

"I'm probably just being REALLY awful by saying this, but am I the only person who seems to think that miscarriage is a pretty normal thing? ," the woman, whose identity or age hasn't been disclosed, said.  

"As in – it happens to 1 in 4 people…. The support websites just don't seem to normalise it and instead, I don't know what the word is….but sensationalising it comes to mind?!"

She went on to say while she understands miscarriage can be "extremely upsetting for most people", at eight weeks the foetus "is not a baby, its some chromosomes that are incompatible and were never going to become a baby.

"I have not lost something that 'could have been'. I feel fine about the entire thing."

The woman said she was made to feel like a "total freak who doesn't have a heart" because all she could see online was images of sobbing women.

She called on fellow women to tell her whether they felt the same way so she could be less lonely .

One responded saying "I get what you're saying, I was similar with my first" but said she felt "very differently" with her second, "essentially very distraught".

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