Mums genius 10p oven cleaning hack goes viral – and you already have everything you need

Oven grease is perhaps one of the peskiest things to get rid of when it comes to cleaning the kitchen, especially if you have a bad habit of getting oil everywhere.

Fortunately, one genius mum has shared her extremely cheap oven cleaning hack and it only needs a very common household product.

Sharing her trick on Mumsnet, she recalled that a simple dishwasher tablet can easily strip the grease off even the filthiest ovens.

"I wet a dishwasher tablet and rub it on the glass door – it clean all the grease off," the clever mum said.

"Wipe off the residue with a damp cloth, then dry. Incidentally, if you get gunk on your iron, iron a dishwasher tablet to clean that too."

Many readers expressed how surprised they were to have not known this neat trick before and were stunned at how well it worked.

"We tried it and it was amazing," one user commented.

"The stuff just came off. Also takes the gunk off the kitchen cupboards and tiles next to the hob. I've been wondering round the kitchen with a tab wondering what else it will clean."

Another user of 'fair age' who believed herself to have plenty of cleaning knowledge didn't even know about this trick.

They said: "I’m a fair age, well versed in various cleaning tips and tricks, how did I not know about this? Neither did my mum.

"Is this actually really well known? And why hasn’t some bright manufacturing spark come up with an actual cleaning product like this?"

Believe it or not, there's a very clear science as to why dishwasher tablets work so well at eliminating all that nasty grease from your oven.

Dishwasher tablets are designed to do one thing and one thing only – cut through even the toughest grease that sticks to plates and crockery when put into a dishwasher.

It does this so well because the tablets have an abrasive surface which doesn't leave any scratches, ensuring your plates and dishes are sparkly clean when they come out of the dishwasher.

The best thing about this hack is how surprisingly cheap it is – dishwasher tablets are in abundance and can be picked up at most general stores.

Better yet, you don't need the super pricy premium tablet brand for this to work with a cheap supermarket such as Aldi selling a pack of 40 tablets for £2.99 or roughly 0.075p per tablet.

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