Mum’s handy cleaning tip removes stubborn carpet stains in seconds

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A mum has revealed her clever trick for getting stains out of carpeting using a common household item.

Lisa Youll, 43, had a large red stain on her staircase caused by her daughter Melody.

The little girl had dropped some Asda toy sand which was died red and the colour stuck to her pale carpet.

For months, Lisa tried different methods to remove the red stain – including bleach – but nothing worked.

In a last ditch attempt, the mum called a handy man to try and replace the section with off-cuts, but he asked if she had tried WD-40.

The product is usually used to stop door hinges squeaking – but, it turns out the tip was a great one and her carpet looks brand new again, reports YorkshireLive.

Posting on Facebook, Lisa said: “Just had our local handyman around to replace a piece of our carpet which has been stained by kiddies coloured sand.

"He told me to use WD-40 on it, I did and I didn't have to even scrub it!

“Took me five seconds to rub it off!”

She continued: “I’ve had the carpet professionally cleaned, used numerous cleaning substances on it as recommended by the toy company when I made a complaint and good old bleach didn't even remove it!

"Thanks for your top handyman tip…

Lisa added: "At this time of year there are so many new toys and people knocking things over and staining and ruining carpets.

"I would never have thought of WD-40 but most people have it in the house and it is definitely worth a try."

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