Mums struggling to shift baby weight shed a massive 19stone thanks to phone app

There are tons of books that ­offer weight-loss advice – but it was a phone APP that made a big ­difference for these six mums.

As well as giving tips and advice on ­following a scheme to get healthy and slim, the app has advantages over a book.

It can interact with you, monitoring your progress and put you in touch with others who can offer support.

One woman who was helped by the Healthy Mummy 28-Day Challenge app was Laura Linklater.

She said: “I was on the verge of post-natal depression. Then I remembered Healthy Mummy and posted a cry for help. Within seconds, dozens of mums were telling me how to eat and drink.”

The app includes daily meal ­planners, calories and exercise trackers, with 4,000 ­recipes, 350 exercise videos and 24/7 support to help mums reach goals.

The online recipes are free but some Healthy Mummy features are paid for.

See and, here, enjoy our our six mums’ stories.

Laura – lost 4 stone

Laura Linklater, 34, of Otley, West Yorks, went from 13st in Sept 2018 to 9st, losing four stone

"All my adult life I’d been just under 9 stone but after the birth of my third child, in just over three years, I weighed 13st. I didn’t feel or look like me any more.

After I got signed off for exercise by my GP, I came across Healthy Mummy in a Facebook ad while been searching for breastfeeding-friendly protein shakes.

I haven’t stopped following the meal plans and doing two to three exercise videos a day.

I’m now 9 stone 3lbs and training to be a firefighter. I’ve even taken up running after other Healthy Mummies on the Facebook group encouraged me to do the Couch to 5k course."

Nashara – Lost 2st 6Ib

Nashara Campbell, 32, of Upminster, Essex, 14st 1lb in Oct 2018 is now 10st 13lb, lost 2st 6lb



"Since taking on the 28 Day Challenge I’ve transformed myself. I feel healthier and happier and can tackle any challenge thrown at me with the support of all the other mums on the Facebook support group to give me advice when I need it.

For me Healthy Mummy is more of a lifestyle change than a diet. With the app in my hand 24-7 I’ve become a healthier mum than I could ever have dreamed."

Hellevi – Lost 2st 5Ib

Hellevi Walker, 30, of Perthshire, was 11st in May 2018 is now 8st 9lb, lost 2st 5lb.



"After my second baby, I wanted to lose weight but had no idea where to start. My self- confidence grew thanks to the Healthy Mummy Facebook group.

I started drinking more water, preparing HM snacks and eventually making HM meals.

Within six months I went from doing no exercise to exercising daily. I now use food as fuel rather than reward or comfort.

My chronic back pain and fatigue are gone, I’m full of energy and become the person i always wanted to be."

Alexandra – Lost 2st 12Ib

Alexandra Forrest, 28, of Wakefield, W Yorks, was 12st 13lb in January 2019 is now 10st 1lb, lost 2st 12lb.



"After two c-sections in three years, I never thought I’d regularly exercise again, never mind just five months after giving birth.

My youngest is eight months and still breastfeeding. I started the 28 day challenge in January and I’m still amazed by it.

I’ve lost over two stone and learned to love my body again. Now I’m a 10. it’s changed my relationship with food and my mentality towards exercising."

Becki – Lost 3st 5Ib

Becki Drewitt, 38, of Dursley, Gloucs, was 13st 9lb in July 2018 is now 10st 4lb, lost 3st 5lb.



"I started Healthy Mummy 21 months after giving birth to twins. A multiple pregnancy took its toll on me,breastfeeding was tough, and I ate non- stop.

I had zero energy and exercise was the last thing on my
mind. I’d even think twice about climbing the stairs I was so out of shape.

Eight months on and I’m running, working out and walking long distances with family and look forward to getting out there, every single day."

Tracey – Lost 3st 7Ib

Tracey Bentley, 41, of Poole, Dorset, started at 14st in Sept 2018 and is 10st 7lb now, lost 3st 7lb.


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