Mums toilet hack for kids divides parents as shes ruined Nutella for them

A potty trainer shared tips to new mothers to teach their children how to clean up themselves after going to toilet.

Amanda Jenner, a global potty training and toddler specialist, gave guidance to first-time parents including a bedtime routine and eating habits.

In her recent post, she explained a "hack" for parents to teach their children how to wipe their bottoms.

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"All you need is two balloons and a little bit of Nutella," the expert said.

Then she tied the balloons behind a children's chair – one on the left and one on the right.

"Dab a small amount of Nutella between the balloons. Tear off the toilet paper, fold the paper and show them how to wipe upwards.

"Fold and wipe again. Get them to face forward and reach back."

Amanda explained this is an "important skill" a young kid should learn, especially before they start school.

She added: "Practise makes perfect! Let me know in the comments if you’ve given this hack a go!"

The idea was welcomed by most parents but some shared their concerns.

One wrote: "My child would definitely discard the tissue and lick the Nutella off the balloon. Great idea though."

"You've ruined Nutella for me, but it’s a fantastic idea for the kids. Shared!" a second penned.

Some parents said the wiping method would waste a lot of toilet paper and suggested another tip.

A mum shared: "Or how about you teach them how to wash their bottoms so they’re not left with 'Nutella flakes' between their cheeks on a daily basis."

But many who struggled to teach their children said they are happy to give it a go.

"Fantastic idea," one commented. "I was trying to show my three-year-old today but this is a much better idea, thanks."


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