My boyfriend is always happy to receive oral sex but doesn't like to give | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN it comes to oral sex, my boyfriend is always happy to receive, but he doesn’t like to give.

I think he is being selfish, and it is making me feel rejected and unattractive, not to mention unsatisfied.

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We’ve been together for a year. I’m 24 and he’s 26.

At the start of our relationship, he couldn’t get enough of going down on me. It wasn’t always as a prelude to sex either – he liked doing it for its own sake.

I loved it too, as it is the surest way for me to reach an orgasm.

To me, it is a very intimate act, which made me feel closer to him.

But over the last month or two, he has stopped doing it.

He says he is too tired or not in the mood. He’s still very happy for me to give him oral sex, though!

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It is as if he has given up on my pleasure and only cares about his own.

What can I do?

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Tell him how much it turns you on and how good he is at it.

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