My partner’s so worried his daughter will be jealous of our baby that we’re not allowed to talk about my pregnancy – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner is so worried  his daughter will be jealous of  our baby that we’re not allowed to even talk about  my pregnancy.

We are in our early thirties and moved in together last year. His nine-year-old daughter lives with us.

He feels guilty about her troubled early life and lets her behave as she wants.

He doesn’t stick to punishments and she can be very manipulative.

She pulled the “I think you will love the baby more than me” card. My partner and I  had a massive row and he’s now sleeping on the settee.

If I try to talk to him, he gets defensive. I am scared I’ve made a massive mistake.

DEIDRE SAYS: I understand your fears but this little girl has had a tough time and she was just expressing her fears about where she will fit in.

Invite your partner back into your bed and explain you should reassure her by encouraging her to feel involved, to help choose things for the baby and talk about how you will both always love her lots.

But she does need firm rules like all children. My  e-leaflet Stepfamily Problems will help.

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