Need to pop to the Loovre? There's a toilet with an art gallery at Glastonbury

Glastonbury attendees who fancy a more cultured festival experience than tipping pints on their own shoes and pissing in strangers’ tents are in luck.

At this year’s festival there’s a loo with an art gallery, called the Loovre (get it? Like the Louvre in Paris, but it’s a toilet).

The art gallery is set inside a snazzy toilet cubicle at Worthy Farm in Somerset. It shows creative versions of some of the world’s most famous pieces of artwork.

But it’s not just designed to look cool. The Loovre is the creation of WaterAid, who hope the artwork will highlight the fact that one in four people across the world have no decent sanitation.

That’s right, while you’re complaining about the less-than-pleasant portaloos at Glastonbury, there are people who struggle to have access to clean, safe spaces year round.

The artwork inside shows Michelangelo’s David crossing his legs as he waits in a long queue for the toilet, Mona Lisa is shown holding it in, The Thinker is on the toilet, Frida Kahlo is framed in a bathroom mirror, and Botticelli’s Venus is being presented with sanitary products.

There are also parodies of Picasso, Matisse, and Duchamp in the mini gallery.

Tim Wainwright, chief executive at WaterAid, said: ‘This fun exhibition provides some entertainment and contemplation while using the convenience, as well as conveying a serious message: no-one should have their access denied to decent sanitation and clean water because of who they are or where they live.

‘One in four people – that’s two billion people across the globe – have nowhere safe or decent to go to the toilet.

‘We are calling to join us as we fight this inequality and work towards a world where everyone, everywhere has access to these basic human rights.’

If you fancy checking out the toilet art gallery while you’re seeing a bunch of live music, you will need to find it first. To be clear: this isn’t standard for all the portaloos at Glastonbury, and if you expect artwork inside every toilet you visit you will be sorely disappointed.

To visit the Loovre, head to the Pyramid Stage and look for Cider Bus – it’s right there.

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