Neighbour leaves note asking mum not to dry 'tacky' washing outside

Neighbour leaves note for mum demanding that she remove her washing from the line because it ‘looks tacky’ – but she hits back with a scathing letter of her own

  • A Melbourne mum has been left in shock after being told her washing is ‘tacky’
  • The woman was asked not to dry her washing on the line in her backyard
  • She responded to the neighbour with a scathing letter of her own 

A mum has unleashed her anger on an ‘insensitive’ neighbour who asked her to stop drying her clothes on the washing line because it ‘looks tacky’.

The Melbourne mum was shocked to receive the handwritten note which was addressed to the ‘tenant’.

‘Is your washing dry? Can you please remove it from outside as it looks tacky,’ the note read, with a smiling face added at the end. 

But instead of removing her washing from the line as instructed, the furious mum hit back with a note of her own.

A mum has unleashed her fury on an ‘insensitive’ neighbour who asked her to stop drying her clothes outside on the washing line because it ‘looks tacky’

The mum’s note, which featured a meme of Nicolas Cage at the top, asks the neighbour if their ‘humanity is broken’.

She then goes on to explain that not everyone has the means to use clothes dryers and pay big power bills. 

She also highlighted that some people weren’t ‘able-bodied enough’ to hang out their washing, bring it back in and put it away within a short time-frame.

‘Your attitude is not only a little tacky but insensitive to the wellbeing of your neighbours,’ she wrote.

She then posted pictures of both notes on Reddit – where people agreed with her approach to the situation.

Many were shocked that someone could be bothered complaining about a stranger’s washing on the line. 

But others were less sympathetic and said many apartments buildings had rules against washing being hung outside. 

‘I agree though, it isn’t a good look,’ one man said. 

She hit back with a note of her own, calling her neighbours insensitive as well as tacky

Another posted an excerpt from an 1860s etiquette guide which ‘explains’ why washing shouldn’t be hung outside.

‘Exposing children to hanging undergarments and unmentionables can have traumatic effects on their upbringing, and reduce their capacity for being a desirable partner when coming of age,’ the guide said. 

Others suggested ways to ‘improve’ the appearance of the washing to make it less offensive to the neighbour.

‘You could always add flashing Christmas lights and a wind chime to your clothes horse to smarten it up. It’ll be soo much more appealing for them,’ one woman wrote. 

Another suggested the woman paint herself and lie on the lawn screaming ‘I am a wet towel’ at 30 second intervals.

They said that should ‘sort out’ the problem quickly.

Others suggested she ignore the note and continue to do her laundry how she liked.

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