Neighbours roast dinner brutally roasted after being compared to sole of a shoe

Having good neighbours can make life that little bit easier – from willingly taking in a parcel or putting the bins out.

Nothing beats living in harmony with one another.

Just like this one Reddit user realised after testing positive for Covid and having no food in the house having burnt their last pizza.

Unable to go anywhere due to having to isolate, they received a life-saving message from the homeowner next door.

Kindly, the neighbour offered to cook up some grub for the hungry patient.

But, despite the original poster being thankful for the gesture, fellow Reddit users have not been too kind about the appearance of the food.

And, have likened the dinner to a sole of a shoe. Brutal!

The Covid infected resident explained: “I have Covid and can't go anywhere and managed to burn my only pizza.

"Neighbour text me if I'd like some dinner, I said I didn't want them to risk it.

“But they just dropped a bag full of tin foil containers outside my door and now I have a full hot Sunday dinner!

“I have awesome neighbours!”

A picture of the roast shows a mountain of veg and potatoes, three slices of beef with thick gravy lay on the plate.

They were even lucky enough to get three Yorkshire puddings.

Although moved by the act of generosity, many people fled to the comments to roast the roast dinner.

One person commented: “A lovely gesture, but that looks vile.”

Another user pointed out: “Gonna be awkward when your neighbour asks for the soles of their shoes back…”

Whilst a third user chuckled: “I've been looking for those shoes everywhere!”

Someone else voiced: “I'm sure it was delicious, but now that I've given it a detached look it kind of looks like what I'd imagine an alien life form could be.

"Somewhere out there is a society of these things.”

As a fifth person expressed: “That doesn't look good to me, although the thought is nice.”

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