NHS doctor says ‘your life is a lie’ as shown in illusion that ‘slows down time’

An NHS doctor has left people questioning what is real after showing a mind-boggling way to trick your brain that makes you "change time".

In a TikTok video, surgeon @dr.karanr tells viewers "your life is still a lie" then explains how we can get confused trying to perceive speeds.

Weird point of view footage makes it look as if the viewer is hurtling down a neverending corridor.

Dr Karan says: "Cover the sides of the video with your thumbs and everything slows down.

"Cover the middle and you speed up.

"This happens because when you block the centre and only see the sides, your eyes are subject to more rapid eye movements called nystagmus giving the perception of acceleration just like in a moving car."

He adds: "Removing the peripheral images tricks your brain into thinking it's moving slower."

The video was watched more than 3.3 million times and inundated with comments, with people either freaking out or insisting it was a trick with the video rather than the brain.

He jokingly asked his followers: "Who just slowed down then sped up time?"

One person commented: "Takes a deep breath and begins to question reality."

A second viewer wrote: "Life is all illusions. A big mathematical dream we are doomed to repeat forever."

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Someone else suggested it was a "glitch in the Matrix" and the doctor quipped back: "Maybe."

Another person said: "It's the same as if you're in a car. If you look to the side of you, it looks super fast, but if you look in front it seems slower."

Dr Karan, who is also on Instagram, said if you get car sick as a passenger, you can use the trick and stare straight ahead instead of out of the side windows

But a skeptic refused to believe the video and said: "Don't fall for it the middle is going slow and the sides are going fast."

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