People share the worst interior design fails they've come across

A living nightmare! Social media snaps reveal the properties nobody will ever want to live in – from a bathroom with half a toilet to a washing machine suspended above a bath

  • People across the world have shared worst interior design fails they’ve spotted
  •  Images include toilets in kitchen to washing machines above bathtubs
  • One tried to install solar panel on their roof and ended with poles everywhere

When it comes to DIY, it is easy to make mistakes. But these outlandish projects are simply unforgivable. 

From a toilet in the kitchen to a washing machine above the bath, Russian Instagram account typical.rykozhop documents some of the very worst properties on the internet. 

The best – or worst – pictures were shared in a gallery collated by Bored Panda, along with other pictures of terrible mishaps of housing.   

Here, FEMAIL reveals the most outrageous design fails from a light switch on a doorway to a toilet dangling over the stairs.  

People from Russia have sent the worst design fails they’ve come across. Pictured: A squat toilet in the centre of someone’s kitchen

One person believed to be from the US tried to have solar panels installed of their roof but ended up with this nightmarish mix-match of poles instead

That can’t be safe! An adventurous designer balanced their washing machine on top of their bathtub to optimise space in their bathroom

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Getting your measurements right is very important! This person had to cut a hole in their wall to fit the plug

No room? No problem! One person simple cut their toilet seat cover in order for it to fit the tiny space in their bathroom

Could have used more planning! A person illustrates why putting a cupboard above your sink is a bad idea

One person tried to incorporate their brick trompe-l’oeil wallpaper on their toilets but were not sure of the results 

Instead of remodelling their home completely, this person hid their loo in a wooden cupboard in the kitchen 

One person illustrates the issue with placing toilets underneath a slanted roof which left no room to do your business standing 

This designer struggled to create even skirting on their wall, but decided to fix the uneven bits of wood to the wall anyways  

A home owner had to cut their door frame so that it would fit the plug and light switches they had forgotten about while planning 

In order to optimise the space in their bathroom, one designer put their sink directly above their bathtub 

One person put a loo at the end of this nightmarish corridor. The picture ended on a Russian Instagram account dedicated to design fails

Genius or disturbing? This small set of stairs leads to a not-so-hidden loo in this person’s small kitchen

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