Playboy babe shares dark side of modelling admitting she hates looking in mirror

Playboy star Josie Canseco has spoken about how she struggled with rejection in modelling contests where the women chosen were so “f***ing tiny”.

Josie revealed a world in New York where models were used to getting what they wanted from free entry to clubs to being offered drugs and this made being turned down for work that much more difficult.

The Playboy babe admitted how it has had such a “dark” impact on her that she can’t look at the mirror now and be happy with herself.

“I can’t remember the last time I looked in the mirror and was happy with how I looked because of the industry and the competitive nature especially in New York city where all the girls are so f***ing tiny and they go above and beyond to be that small,” she told the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Josie went into modelling through the traditional route where women would turn up and be turned down if they didn’t have the right measurements. She appreciates the industry has changed with Instagram modelling.

“You walked into a modelling agency and they put a tape measure around your waist, your bust and your hips and if you don’t have the right numbers you aren’t getting it," she said.

Josie said how she struggled because of her athletic build.

“You get told, no, no, no [….] you get so defeated and in New York all the girls are out doing drugs and sh**, partying and so it so easy to get drawn into that kind of life in New York,” she said.

“All the guys are like, all the girls can do whatever and wherever, the same as in LA so when you get told no, no, no you start spiralling into that dark place.”

Josie had an unusual upbringing as the daughter of baseball star Jose Canseco and her mum was hustling for work.

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She went on to have a modelling career and was named Playboy Playmate of the Month for June, 2016.

But her memories of modelling have left a mark, especially when queuing up waiting in trials.

“You are sitting there with half of the girls not speaking English, you don’t know anyone, there are hundreds of girls in the room and some of them are so perfect and tiny and their walk, and I’m looking at them and picking myself to pieces,” she said.

“What that does to you mentally because you see those girls get the part, and you think is that what I have to do.”

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