Queen’s body language ‘determined’ while Charles and William ‘tense’ at G7 reception

Kate Middleton joins senior royals at Cornwall G7 summit

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Members of the Royal Family attended the G7 reception tonight in a group outing which has become rare since the coronavirus pandemic. Queen Elizabeth II hosted a banquet for leaders during the G7 summit.

When the royals arrived, the Queen took the lead closely followed by Charles, Camilla, William and Kate.

The monarch did not just take the lead physically, but she appeared the most “confident” of the royals, body language expert Judi James suggested.

Speaking to, she explained the monarch looked relaxed and “determined” as she entered the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Judi said: “Dressed in an outfit every bit as floral as the Eden Project setting she’s standing in, it is the Queen who sends out the strongest signals of a relaxed confidence and air of determination and anticipation as she leads her family into the G7 reception.

“Her leadership still looks impeccable and her congruent smile of delight doesn’t falter.”

The Queen’s positive demeanor was not necessarily replicated by her family, the expert suggested.

She claimed Prince Charles and Prince William showed more signs of tension as they walked to the event.

Kate and Prince William were also seen to mirror each other.

Judi continued: “Behind her, Charles and William display several signals of tension, Charles with his signature checking rituals and William with a similar amount of checking and adjusting touches to his jacket and his tie.

“Kate mirrors William’s clothing touches in their usual style of empathetic symmetry of movement.”

At the reception, Queen Elizabeth II met with leaders from G7 nations including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden.

When the Queen spoke with Mr Johnson, the rest of the royals seemed to linger behind.

It was in this moment Kate and Prince Charles could be seen engaging in a lighthearted conversation, Judi continued.

She said: “As the Queen steps forward to greet the PM and his wife, her family appear to melt back and talk among themselves rather than joining her.

“Kate engages her father-in-law in conversation and Charles’s animated response suggests an enjoyment of one another’s company.”

Judi commented on the Queen’s body language as she spoke with Boris Johnson.

She claimed the monarch looked happy in their conversations which could suggest previous fondness.

The Queen also managed to stay as the “centre of attention” despite being surrounded by other royals and world leaders.

Judi said: “The Queen beams fondly at Boris, watching him intently with a look of expectation as though she might just have enjoyed his sense of humour in the past.

“The full power of the Queen’s formidable charisma still ensures she is the center of attention here though as she leads the group in to meet the G7 leaders.”

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