Quinta Brunson Speaks On Not Having To Dim Her Light With Her Husband During Oprah Special

Oprah Winfrey Network will premiere a new OWN Spotlight on November 26, featuring a conversation between the Emmy award-winning comedian Quinta Brunson and Oprah.

In this special event titled Oprah and Quinta Brunson Abbott Elementary, Oprah sits down with the writer, executive producer, showrunner and actress to discuss her mega-hit comedy series, Abbott Elementary. During the interview, Brunson speaks about the difficulty of people accepting who she is, as well as the unwavering support that her husband has given her throughout the years.

“To be 100 percent fully me requires a lot of stuff that a lot of men do not have time for,” the Philadelphia native says. “They even have thought they did in the past, but then realized there’s no dimming me. My husband – that’s what I mean by him being the biggest support. That there’s no need to dim me at all, and that allows me to love him fully and to be the person that I want to be and am meant to be.”

“And the last place I would want to dim is at home,” she added after Oprah called out the significance of her statement. “That’s my sanctuary. I just won’t have it, I would be single. So, I’m fortunate to find a partner who I still feel I can be my full self with.”

Brunson also reflects on her childhood, her greatest mentors and the pivotal moments of her career, during the special. She will talk about the inspiration behind Abbott Elementary and why the world was ready for this highly acclaimed show as well.

Oprah and Quinta Brunson Abbott Elementary premieres Saturday, November 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN. The interview will also be available starting Sunday, November 27 on both HBO Max and discovery+. Check out the trailer below.
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