Revealed: The rare 2p coin which could fetch you £1,000

Revealed: A rare 2p coin could fetch you £1,000 – here’s what to look out for in your wallet

  • @TheCoinCollectorUK has shared the rare ‘New Pence 2p coin’ to look out for
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A coin collecting expert has revealed that a 2p coin you may have laying around your purse could be worth £1,000.

TikToker (@thecoincollectoruk) shared that the rare ‘New Pence 2p coin’ to look out for in the UK is one produced in 1983.

‘The 1983 version is the one to look out for, it was only in some collector packs and is worth up to £1000,’ they said.

The video also claimed that ‘all of the other years that were minted for circulation are not worth anything’.

According to the Royal Mint website, all 2p coins made between 1971 and 1981 included ‘new pence’ ‘as part of their reverse’.

TikToker ( @thecoincollectoruk ) shared that the rare ‘New Pence 2p coin’ to look out for is one produced in 1983

But from 1982, this was replaced with ‘two pence’.

However, thanks to a mistake in 1983, some 2p coins were struck with ‘new pence’ on the reverse. 

On eBay, a poster claiming to have the coin is currently selling it for £1,500.

According to Change Checker, it’s worth going through your pockets to see if you could get a collector interested.  

‘If you’re lucky enough to find a 1983 ‘New Pence’ 2p in your change, not only does the rarity of this coin make it more collectable, but the coin was also struck in uncirculated quality – meaning it won’t have the scratches and blemishes of circulation coins,’ the outlet said.

‘This means a collector would most likely be willing to pay a little more to get hold of one on the secondary market.’

And it would seem that while the 1983 model is the star of the show, there are other 2p coins which could fetch you some cash.

According to Debt Free Family post from 2020, 2p coins accidentally printed on silver could score you some cash – with the blog reporting that one 2016 coin had gone for around £40 on eBay at the time.

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The video also claimed that ‘all of the other years that were minted for circulation are not worth anything’

And elsewhere a 1971 2p coin – erroneously in nickle-plated steel – has sold for more that £400 in an auction, according to the outlet.

The piece also said a sum can be fetched for 2p coins which entered circulation in 1971 – the year that decimalisation began.   

It comes as a coin collector recently revealed the 50p coin which is worth 90 times its value.  

The EU presidency 50p coin has a mintage of 109,000, making it one of the rarest 50p coins to date. 

The coin is made unique by the fact it is dated with two years, 1992 and 1993, to commemorate the UK’s presidency of the European Council of Ministers, and the completion of the Single Market.

According to the TikTok account the CoinCollectorUK,  the 50p coin could be worth 90 times its value, between £40 and £45 due to its rarity. 

Earlier this month, the account also alerted followers to the chance of cashing in on a batch of faulty  20p coins that were released by the Royal Mint in 2009. 

The 50p  was designed by Mary Milner Dickens and features a conference table seen from above, surrounded by 12 chairs, representing the EU’s Council of Ministers.

The coin, which is no longer in circulation, included the UK at the top to signify its presidency, and 12 stars for each member of the EEC.

It is minted with the year 1992 and 1993 to mark the UK’s EU presidency at the time, which makes it unique. 

According to CoinCollectorUK, it could be worth 90 times its price, putting its value between £40 to £45. 

Crawley Coins, another collector, ventured the coin’s value could go as far as £60 as well. 

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