Say Yes To The Dress: Bride's sister says gown would suit her more

Sister tells ‘tomboy’ bride-to-be that the sparkly wedding dress she’s chosen would look much better on HER on Say Yes To The Dress

  • Bride-to-be Alison, from Lancashire, brings sister Fiona along to help find gown
  • Civil engineer is shocked when Fiona says dress is more suited to her than sister
  • They will feature in tonight’s episode of TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

A ‘tomboy’ bride-to-be is taken aback when her sister says the dream sparkly gown she tries on is more suited to her in Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire.  

Tonight’s episode of the TLC show focuses on civil engineer Alison, who spends her life on building sites but wants to embrace her inner bridal princess.  

She wants to ditch the hardhat and high-vis and find a dress that will dazzle her friends and family on her big day. 

‘I just want to feel fabulous,’ explains Alison. ‘I’m usually a tomboy so this is my one opportunity to go the complete polar opposite.’ 

Civil engineer Alison (pictured in dress one) is taken aback when her sister Fiona says her dream gown is more suited to her in Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

As Alison tries on dress number one in tonight’s episode of the TLC show, Fiona (pictured far right) says: ‘Yeah this is weird, but I don’t know. I think it’s more me than you’ 

Alongside Alison is her bubbly younger sister Fiona, who is quick to point out that she is seen as the ‘girl’ one of the pair. 

‘Me and Alison are chalk and cheese,’ she explains. ‘Before I was born, not one ounce of pink entered the house. And then I came along and it all turned pink!’ 

Excited to get started, super stylist Gok Wan presents Alison with dress number one – a beautiful, blingy gown with a low-cut neckline that’ll help bring out her feminine side.

With the dress on, Alison is instantly besotted. ‘Oh wow, it’s gorgeous,’ she enthuses. ‘This is not what I usually wear, this is not me, I never get to dress up. My sister’s the girly one, I’ve always been the tomboy.’ 

Alison is just as thrilled with her second dress too (pictured), and sister Fiona admits: ‘The top is more you. The shape’s lovely’

While sister Fiona is on board with dress number two (pictured), Alison’s mother Judith says she’s ‘singing from a different hymn sheet’

After seeing the bling of the first dress, Alison’s mother Judith brands number two (pictured) ‘quite ordinary’

Seeing that Alison is feeling gorgeous and in her element, Gok offers some words of encouragement. 

‘You’ve literally given me goosebumps,’ he smiles. ‘You can see that you’re having a real moment with your dress and this is what every bride searches for.’ 

Downstairs, sister Fiona shows her excitement and says: ‘It’s going to be completely different seeing her in a dress for once.’ 

Ready to show off her dress to her entourage, Alison steps out of the dressing room with a beaming smile as her entourage gasp in amazement. 

‘I’ve never felt this girly before,’ Alison says. ‘It’s absolutely stunning, like someone who should be on the red carpet!’ 

Despite liking the dress, the atmosphere in the room changes when Fiona claims it would be suited to her style than her sisters.

‘Yeah this is weird, but I don’t know. I think it’s more me than you,’ a shocked Fiona says. ‘We’re not used to seeing you like that. It’s so different!’ 

Taken aback by her sister’s comments, Alison begins to have doubts about the dress. 

Consultant Michelle adjusts dress number two as Alison models it in front of her entourage (pictured)

With the entourage failing to agree on dress number two (pictured), Gok sets to work finding the perfect gown for Alison 

‘It’s lovely, but I’m not ready to cry just yet,’ Fiona continues before recommending that Alison tone things down a touch. 

‘Alright, she’s the b*** stylist now. Come with me!’ Gok jokes, before escorting Alison back to the changing room.

Sticking to his guns, Gok finds a sweet, simple dress that will help Alison feel glamorous without any sparkle.

Once again, Alison is thrilled with Gok’s choice. Showing the dress to her entourage, sister Fiona is back on side, saying: ‘The top is more you. The shape’s lovely.’ 

But this time it’s mum Judith who takes issue with the dress. 

‘I’m singing from a different hymn sheet,’ she explains. ‘Having seen the bling, I prefer the first one. That one looks lovely but quite ordinary.’ 

Back to square one, Alison begins to lose hope. But Gok is determined to see Alison leave the boutique with her dress in tow, and for dress number three he opts for a halfway house between dress one and two. 

And it’s third times the charm, as Alison bursts into tears of joy – and Judith and Fiona love it, too. 

‘I didn’t think I was going to cry!’ she says. ‘It’s wonderful, I love it. If my mum says she hates the dress, I’m going to find a new mum!’   

Judith adds: ‘It brings out your best bits, she looks just stunning!’ 

The new series of Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire continues tonight at 8pm exclusively on TLC

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