Size 12 Zara jeans are smaller than ASOS size 8 jeans, Instagram user reveals

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Shopping for jeans is possibly the hardest fashion task, but it is made even more tricky by the unbalanced sizing on the high street. We've all been there, you're one size in one shop and then a totally different size in the next, the lack of standardised size in the industry is a huge problem and one that can really upsets consumers too.

Not too long ago, Jacqueline Jossa took to social media to call out the poor sizing in Zara and how it really affected her body confidence.

“To be honest, I had a mental breakdown yesterday basically because the sizing in Zara is offensive. Just not having it really. So I had to take a whole load of stuff back," she said at the time.

And this happens everyday to plenty of women and men, so if the number on the inside of your jeans sometimes gives you a wobble in your confidence, you are not alone.

While of course we have plenty of hacks with working out what will fit, what we really need is a better baseline for sizing and while some brands are pretty average and seemingly fair with their sizing, others are well known for skimping on the size.

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The Sun newspaper reported how life and style blogger Becki (the_rebeccaedit) took to her Instagram last week to show her followers her shopping haul while trying to find jeans that fit.

Becki shared how she had “no words” for her findings.

She purchased a pair of size 8 jeans from ASOS, size 10 from Topshop and size 12 from Zara.

The blogger took to sharing three images of herself wearing each pair from the different brands.

The white, size 8 jeans from ASOS were said to be “snug” fitting but ok.

The black, size 10’s from Topshop had room and were comfortable, leaving Becki feeling great.

However, the final size 12 pair of jeans from Zara were nothing but a disappointment.

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When trying them on, Becki couldn’t get them up her legs, past her thighs.

This left Becki to say in her Instagram post “This to me is madness and if I wasn't as comfortable in my own body and my own skin as I am, these jeans would make me feel rubbish, worthless, fat and the list goes on.”

She went on to remind her followers to be kind to themselves by saying "But I am begging you all, PLEASE do not let the clothes define how you feel about yourself."

This is a huge industry issue and it's great when people like Jacqueline Jossa and Becki hold brands to account.

And be inspired by Becki, try to not let the number on the label define how you look at yourself, keep living your best lives.

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