Spencer and Heidi Pratt Have Some Advice For Their 20-Month-Old Son: “Always Watch Your Back”

Dear Gunner,

We thought long and hard about whether or not to put you on TV because of the negativity we experienced. But the truth is that you love to perform. You love when people are in the house, you love all the cameras, you love playing with the mics. You cry when the crew leaves and you start clapping when they arrive. It’s almost as if you don’t react unless people are watching. But fame comes with a price, and there are certain things that you should look out for.

When people start getting famous and successful, they show their true colors. Always watch your back and be careful because anyone can turn on you at any given moment. Everyone is fueled by self-interest and everyone has their own agenda. You can’t take anything personally. The only ones you should trust are your closest family members⁠. And sometimes, even they will let you down.

Whatever you do, stay behind the truth, even if you get edited or taken out of context. To this day, we still face so many accusations — that we spread rumors or lies⁠ or drama — but the truth is the most powerful thing and it will prevail every time. There are so many shady things that go on around you. If you’re honest about the truth, you can never be blackmailed or extorted.

Be confident in who you are. You’re a loving, kind and strong boy. Don’t let anyone negatively affect your life, especially someone who wouldn’t insult you to your face. Be wary of their own insecurities and frustrations. Happy people don’t go on social media just to say something mean — hurt people hurt people. Those who are unhappy with their own lives will project that feeling onto others. Prioritize yourself. Shine as bright as you can and never let anyone dim your light.

Look out for opportunists. When you have success, everybody will want a piece of it. Random acquaintances will start popping up left and right. Stay true to your values and don’t let anyone try to take advantage of you. Keep your circle tight. Sometimes, you might think you’re helping someone, but you’re actually hurting them. People we’ve given money to have literally robbed us.

As for relationships, if you really want to see if something is going to work in the long run, TV is the ultimate test. Everyone will be rooting against you. From The Hills to Celebrity Big Brother, everything we’ve done over the years has made us stronger. We’re like an elite-level special victims unit in the military—our list of battles is so long at this point. Follow your heart. Money, fame and success comes and goes, but your soulmate is forever.

We hope to sell enough crystals so that you have the financial security to do what you love. We hope to god that we can make so much money that you don’t even need to have the internet. We would love you to live in an unplugged world where you could just read books and listen to music. There’s too much negativity and noise out there.

The most important thing in life is to love yourself. One of our favorite crystals is kunzite because it represents self-love. The biggest problem with the internet right now is that everyone is worrying about the opinions of others instead of focusing on themselves. Live in the moment. Stand up for yourself and fight for what you love.

Remember that God is with you wherever you are. No matter what mistakes you make, he loves you and cares for you. He is compassionate and loving—he’s not judgmental or critical. At the end of the day, he’s your best friend who’s always there to lift you up. But watch out — the devil is definitely out there. Be on guard.


Mom and Dad


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