Stephanie’s Dating Life Is Already The Center Of Controversy On ‘The Hills’ Reboot

Now that The Hills: New Beginnings is in full swing, there’s no telling what might happen. Everyone thought that old flames Justin Bobby and Audrina would be the couple to watch as the iconic reality show brought back some of its original cast, but in the last episode or so, Justin’s been growing even closer to Stephanie Pratt. They might just be good friends, but there also might be something more there. Based on what we know about Stephanie Pratt’s relationship status in 2019, the Hills drama could unfold a number of ways.

According to People magazine, Stephanie was linked to another reality star from a different network not too long ago. As of April, Stephanie was experimenting with a new romance with Bachelor Nation’s Derek Peth, the magazine reports. The two were set up by another Bachelor In Paradise alum, Wells Adams, who co-hosts a podcast with Stephanie for iHeartRadio, and it sounded like things were going pretty well.

“He is everything a man in his 30s should be,” Stephanie said on the podcast. “He has his own job, he’s confident, he has a credit card, he talks about his family, he’s into family, he talks about his friends, he has friends. [He’s] very career-driven [and] super honest about the shows that he was on and his past. Just normal. Didn’t care about social media. He just had it all going on for him. Good teeth, pretty eyes, great outfit.”

Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Well, apparently it didn’t last long. Us Weekly reports that the duo split in June, but that there aren’t any hard feelings on either end. Stephanie told the magazine that the long distance got to them and ultimately ended their fling, but she hopes there’s still a possibility for romance with him down the line. “My life is way too drama right now and I would never want to subject that to him. But God, he’s just — this is so selfish — but I hope he’s single in a year," she said.

Since then, Stephanie doesn’t seem to be flaunting any new romances on social media, so we can only assume she’s probably single. But given her comments, who knows? Maybe Peth will show up in time to have a Bachelor/Hills crossover episode on our hands if New Beginnings is picked up for another season or two. That could certainly spice things up, especially depending on what’s going on with Justin Bobby and Stephanie down the road.

Stephanie and Justin have been spending a lot of time together in the first few episodes of the season, especially as Justin tries to comfort Stephanie over the fact that her relationship with Heidi and Spencer just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. But of course, Justin and Audrina have a history of their own that might prevent he and Stephanie from making any real moves. And besides that, have we ever known Justin Bobby to be a master of commitment? No! Even if Stephanie is ultra interested, it doesn’t seem like Justin is ready to settle down with anyone, regardless of who it is.

Whatever the case may be, a clip from this week’s new episode of The Hills: New Beginnings makes it pretty clear that Stephanie’s love life will be on display one way or another. Joey, a friend of Audrina’s, brings up the question of who Stephanie is "sleeping with," seemingly hinting that it’s Justin. How that’ll affect the group’s dynamic, it’s unclear. But at least viewers will be getting a front row seat to whatever happens next.

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