Tattoo model strips down to just a thong to flaunt intricate Deadpool bum ink

Stunning model Juliane Förster stripped down to a thong to show off her intricate Deadpool bum tattoo in a sizzling new display.

The 33-year-old, from Oberndorf, Germany, who spent £50,000 on ink so far, took to her Instagram page to share the sexy snap.

She was seen laying on her front while on a bed as she put her body art on full display.

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Juliane gave fans a good view of her tattoos as she wore just the skimpy black thong.

This meant that her Deadpool design was in prime position for fans to see. However, she also had many of her other inkings on show.

This included her huge clown tattoo on her back, as well as a Hulk tattoo on her leg.

Juliane previously revealed she got her epic Marvel and DC tatts done for her superhero-mad son.

When her son Constantin was three-years-old, she decided to get his favourite superheroes Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America inked onto her leg.

She’s now has so many tattoos that she’s running out of room to ink – and her right butt cheek and face are all that’s been left as a blank canvas.

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Juliane previously said: "I have always been fascinated by tattoos since every piece of art can be completely unique.

"I've had so many different tattoos that it is virtually impossible to count them, since they often overlap and interlink.

The mum continued: "With the amount I've spent, I could certainly have bought a nice car, but my tattoos are wonderful and mean so much to me."

As well as inkings on her bum, Juliane also previously revealed she has a "hidden inking" only her husband sees.


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