The "Black Bonnie and Clyde" Make a Run For Freedom in This First Look at Queen & Slim

Lena Waithe and James Frey’s tale of love on the run finally has its first look, and it’s a damn good one. Queen & Slim follows the journey of the titular characters — played by big-screen newcomer Jodie Turner-Smith and Get Out‘s Daniel Kaluuya, respectively — as the two meet up for a first date that goes horrifically awry when they get pulled over for a minor traffic infraction. When the situation quickly goes left, Slim shoots a police officer in self-defense, and the two flee for their lives, setting off a perilous chain of events.

Directed by well-known music video director Melina Matsoukas (who also helmed the acclaimed Master of None episode “Thanksgiving” and several episodes of Insecure), the film calls back to dynamic film duos like Thelma and Louise and, of course, Bonnie and Clyde. But if the first look tells us anything, Queen & Slim is set to be something more than just about two people on the run for freedom; it’s intended to be a “consciousness-raising love story that confronts the staggering human toll of racism and the life-shattering price of violence.”

Waithe previously referred to the film as “protest art,” and that vision is clear in the short trailer — which already has a soundtrack we cannot wait to fully explore. Check out the video above, and watch out Queen & Slim in theaters on Nov. 27.

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