The One Thing Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Did at Their Wedding Everyone Told Them 'Not To'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the Duchess and Duke of Sussex, aren’t the only rule breakers in the British royal family. 

Members of the family have been breaking protocol for decades, as evidenced by Prince Charles and Princess Diana at their 1981 royal wedding and Prince Andrew and Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, the Duke and Duchess of York, at their nuptials in 1986. 

‘Everyone told us not to…so we did it deliberately’  

In the 2011 Oprah Winfrey documentary, Finding Sarah: From Reality to the Real World, Ferguson discussed her wedding to Prince Andrew, according to Express. More specifically, something they did at their wedding everyone told them not to do.

“Everyone told us not to kiss on the balcony, so we did it deliberately. We both were so in love,” she said in the documentary. 

The Duke and Duchess of York shared a kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace five years after Prince Charles and Princess Diana started what would become a royal wedding tradition by sheer accident.

The newlyweds forgot to kiss at Westminster Abbey after exchanging their vows so they kissed in front of well-wishers on the palace’s balcony. 

A decade after their wedding, Ferguson and Prince Andrew divorced. They had two children, Princess Eugenie of York, now 29, and Princess Beatrice of York, now 30, and remained close friends after their split.

So close they lived together at the Royal Lodge, a sprawling 30-room estate in Great Windsor Park starting in 2008, and continue to share properties even today. 

In a 2016 interview, Ferguson gave the public a little bit of insight into her living situation. 

“I’m in and out all the time and he’s in and out all the time,” she said referring to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. 

Living with your ex-husband in a 30-bedroom home is likely much less awkward considering the sheer size of the space. Ferguson and Prince Andrew probably aren’t running into each other at the coffee maker every morning. 

This is another example of how the couple has continued to remain strong together — even though they’ve had their share of ups and downs — in their mission to focus on their family even though they’re no longer a couple. Find out if they’re rekindling their romance ahead. 

Are the Duke and Duchess of York getting back together? 

After Prince Andrew and Ferguson attended the wedding of their daughter, Princess Eugenie, to Jack Brooksbank, in October of 2018, rumors started flying about whether or not the exes were going to give their relationship another shot. 

Speculation over their relationship led Ferguson to release a statement through her spokesperson on the subject in which she denied a romantic relationship between her and Prince Andrew. 

“The duke and duchess remain good friends as they have been for many years, and nothing has changed,” the spokesperson said. 

Rumors kept circulating which may have compelled the 59-year-old duchess herself to speak on the topic at the Royal Ascot earlier this year. 

“We work in unity and Andrew and I are focused on being good parents together. We are bigger than friends,” Ferguson explained. “We learn from each other, support each other and understand it’s about communication, compromise, and compassion,” she added. 

Even though Ferguson addressed the rumors, royal watchers can’t help but wonder if the couple will ever give their relationship another go. 

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