This is why Olaplex isn’t working for you, according to TikTok

Have you bought a bottle of Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector,£26 here, only to find it didn’t deliver the hair magic that its glowing reviews promised? Before you give up and replace it with a different treatment, there may actually be a easily-fixed reason behind why it's yet to work wonders.

In a video titled “This is why Olaplex isn’t working for you”, TikTok user @abbeyyung explains how she gets the best results out of the treatment, and common mistakes she sees people making when they apply theirs.

“Shampoo and rinse first to remove buildup,” she advises, “Olaplex can’t penetrate as effectively on dirty hair. Then apply Olaplex and leave it on for at least 10 minutes.”

“Rinse, shampoo and condition like normal. Now you’ll have better results!” she finishes by showing off her silky, shiny lengths to the camera.

Though Olaplex does print instructions on the bottles of all its products, it’s easy to assume that a mask-like treatment only needs to be applied to ends of the hair for a few minutes before rinsing it out. Some people – Abbey’s followers included – might also have tried to apply it to dry or damp hair before they shampoo.

“Yes I see so many people using it on dirty hair, and so did I,” comments one TikToker.

Another laments: “Wish I would have seen this earlier, half my bottle is gone.”

TikTok in general is awash with tips and tricks on how to apply various Olaplex products, with many users eager to show off how healthy their hair now looks since including them in their regimes. Olaplex expert @itsjessicaalexandra, who says she’s previously worked with the brand, filmed her own Q&A after being asked repeatedly for tips on using the products.

Adding to the conversation around mistakes people make when using the No.3, Jessica adds that many people also use too much of the product. She shows a blob of the treatment in the palm of her hand to give a guide for how much is really needed.

“Hair does not need to be drenched in the product, your strands just need to be coated,” she says.

Key learnings all round.

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