This underlash technique is the easiest way to apply fake eyelashes, says TikTok

Applying fake eyelashes is a job that a lot of us probably either hate doing or actively avoid. All of the fuss, the stickiness, the flicking around a lash that just won’t stick where it’s meant to, and for what? So it can, unbeknownst to the wearer, peel off halfway through the night? No thanks.

We would say stick-on lashes are a hard swerve, but there’s a new technique, born on TikTok, that promises to take the fuss out of falsies. Dubbed the “underlash” method, it sees lashes being stuck underneath the top lashes instead of on top of them.

If you’ve ever used a lash system like Lashify or Kiss Falscara, the method is similar to this, except instead of small clusters or individual lashes, you’re sticking on one lash strip in one clean sweep (or blink, rather).

The tag #underlash has been used nearly a million times, and has been viewed over 7M times, so it’s no small trend. It’s also seen some of TikTok’s biggest influencers attempt the method for themselves. US-based mega-influencerEmira D’Spaintried it out ina tutorial video, and says it’s “hands down the best #lashroutine you will ever come across”.

The whole point of this method, as Emira points out, is to make the lashes look more natural. By using the underlash technique, the false lash band is hidden, and it seems to stick on better, and for longer.

To give a better explanation of how to master the trend, Jennifer Johnson from Ardell Lashes explains how it’s done: “To create the look, apply glue to the band of your strip lash (or cluster lash). The lash should then be placed under your natural lashes, just above the water line.”

If you check out some of the TikTok videos, you’ll see users simply rest the lash glue side up on the bottom lash, before blinking the lash onto the underneath side of the top lash. Check out user Jasmine Regmi’s video on that exact techniquehere.

Though this method could be used with any strip lash and glue, Jennifer recommends Ardell X-Tended Wear Lash System,£17.99 here, as the lashes are created specifically for underlashing.

Let us know how you get on!


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