TikToker shares interview technique to practically guarantee you get the job

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A TikTok user has shared the simple question that you can ask during a job interview, which he claims will "practically guarantee" you get the role.

TikTok user @brookerxyz shared a video, telling people: "Here's what you should say in a job interview to practically guarantee that you will get the job".

In the clip, he referenced the end part of a job interview when you're usually asked if you have any questions for your would-be employer.

Many people stumble on this part of the interview as they're not sure what to ask.

But @brookerxyz says he thinks it's a key part of the interview, and can actually be used to your advantage.

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He said: "When it comes to the part of the interview where they ask you if you have any questions, say some version of this: 'When you look ahead six months to a year from now, and you picture the person in this role doing an excellent job, what do you picture?'

"Every single time I've asked that question, the interviewer has said, 'Wow, that's a great question'."

The TikToker added: "It shows that you're interested in doing a good job.

"Also, their answer to that question is usually very telling about what they're actually looking for. Trust me, it works."

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The advice has proven popular with fellow TikTok users, with the video so far racking up 2.1 million views and more than 200,000 likes.

Many social media users said they will be trying the trick out for themselves, with one commenting: "I have an interview in an hour. My fyp (for you page) is really looking out for me."

While another added: "I got an interview tomorrow, thanks for the advice!"

Others people also shared their own tips and ideas, offering similar questions they've previously asked in job interviews.

One said: "I usually say, 'What can I do to be better prepared for my first day on this job?' Shows confidence and accomplishes the same goal."

While another added: "Yes! Or 'What do you expect every day from someone in this position?' Kinda the same thing. Circles back on you and gives you pointers."

A third joked: "I just say very quietly, 'My new boss says what?'"

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