Tin Man’s Oil Can From ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Expected To Sell For $200,000

For film buffs looking to own a piece of Hollywood history, an upcoming auction may be of interest, as the oil can used in The Wizard of Oz is going up for sale.

As per TMZ, the oil can is the last item from the Tin Man’s costume that’s looking for a permanent owner. The oil can was used in a scene from the famous 1939 musical featuring Judy Garland in which her character Dorothy treats the Tin Man’s rust so he’s no longer paralyzed.

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GWS Auctions will be holding the sale as part of its ‘Artifacts of Hollywood and Music’ lot. The listing for the item notes that the oil can currently sits in the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, California.

It adds that the museum has “expressed interest” in having the buyer keep the oil can on display at the museum after purchase. This would come with a “redacted copy of the loan agreement for the Academy Museum and an insurance valuation of $1 million.”

The oil can is one of multiple used while filming The Wizard of Ox. Jack Haley, who portrayed the Tin Man in the film, claims five different oil cans were used on set, while other sources say there was only three.

“This piece has excellent investment potential, as items from or made for this legendary film almost never surface, including the Tin Man costume which is said to be lost,” GWS Auctions says of the oil can. “The Wizard of Oz is widely considered to be one of the greatest films in cinema history and has become an icon of American popular culture.”

The minimum bidding on the item will start at $50,000 and rise in increments of $5,000. But TMZ reports that experts predict the movie memorabilia will go for at least $200,000.

This may seem like a high price for a film prop, but The Wizard of Oz memorabilia are known to go for high prices. In 2018, one of the pairs of ruby red slippers that Dorothy wears went on the auction block for a cool $6 million.

Like the oil can, Page Six notes that there existed multiple pairs of the sparkling red shoes. One went on to be displayed at the National Museum of American History, while another was owned by actress Debbie Reynolds.

The oil can isn’t the only piece of pop culture the auction is featuring. A pair of sunglasses previously owned by Elvis Presley (and made from 14k white gold) are expected to go for $25,000.

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