Trisha Yearwood Raises $24K For An Animal Charity In Honor Of The Late Betty White

The initiative is a fan-led internet campaign encouraging people to contribute to animal shelters and other charitable causes in memory of late comedy star Betty White, who passed away late last month. Yearwood raised thousands of dollars in just over 15 minutes, with additional contributions still coming in here as her stint on the stage came to a close. Yearwood was joined in the video uploaded on TalkShopLive by her two dogs, all rescuers, who sat peacefully alongside her.

Trisha Yearwood has raised $24,000 for animal charity to pay tribute to late comedian Betty White. Trisha raised tens of thousands of dollars within 15 minutes. Yearwood was also supported by her two rescue dogs in the video.

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Trish Yearwood fame, She’s in love with the Boy, the singer said that Betty would be thrilled if she were here to see how her birthday was celebrated and that too by donating to animal shelter cause, which was so close and dear to her heart. Although Yearwood has stated that she has never met White, her husband Garth Brooks and their children have had the opportunity to meet the Hot in Cleveland star. She claimed that even though their daughter Ally was little when she saw Betty, she was smitten with the Golden Girls actress. According to Daily Mail, the singer also claimed that everyone adored Betty, and her attraction had no limits and no bar for age.

During her life, White was an advocate for animal welfare, and she devoted fifty years serving only with Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association. Dottie’s Yard is a charity founded in 2021 by the “Walkaway Joe” artist in memory of her deceased dog, Dottie. She and her husband, Garth Brooks, adopted Dottie, a 2-year-old girl found on the side of the street near their home in 2004. She was named “Dottie” because of the white dots on her brown coat and survived to 14 before passing away in 2016. Yearwood also wrote a few pieces of what she felt towards the foundation and claimed that Dottie’s Yard was made in memory of one of the most incredible dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Dottie’s legacy will now go on, so she will continue to support cats and dogs around the nation, according to Southern Living.

The Golden Girls star passed away on December 31, two weeks before her 50th birthday. In honor of White’s dedication to animals, admirers devised a grassroots challenge in which participants were encouraged to give donations to local animal shelter organizations in her honor.

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