Voice of the Mirror: The lies have worked as public backs Boris Johnson

Britain was faced with a choice at this election between hope and its alternative.

If the projections are correct, we now face the prospect of a miserable five years during which inequality will become ingrained, our health service sold off and schools left to rot.

Labour was not lacking in ambition. 

Their manifesto set out a blueprint for a fairer country that no longer turned its back on injustice, and offered opportunity for all.

They went to the country with a programme to rescue our NHS, repair our schools and restore pride in our communities.

The alternative was a Tory agenda that was built on lies and false promises, none more false than the pledge to “get Brexit done”.

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It appeared last night that these lies worked.

Boris Johnson knows it could take years to seal a trade deal with the EU and several more to negotiate agreements with the US, India and dozens of other countries.

In the meantime our economy will struggle and the promised investment in our public services will never materialise.

Road outrage

You would have thought people would have got the message that you should never drink and drive.

But there are still motorists out there who get behind the wheel with booze in their veins.

Connor Marsden was rightly jailed yesterday for knocking down and killing a ten-year-old girl while “off his face” according to a witness.

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But Marsden got just seven years and four months in prison even though the maximum sentence is 14 years.

If we want to save more young lives, judges must use the full force of the law.

It is shocking that around 85,000 people are still arrested each year in England and Wales for drink-driving offences.

A couple's boiler has finally packed in, 48 years after they bought it.

If only they had kept the guarantee.

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