Watch as I show you how to win the giant claw machine at arcades every single time – here’s my trick | The Sun

DIFFERING techniques for success on the claw machine have been debated for decades – but one man claims to have a trick that allows you to win every single time.

TikTok user Brandon shared his secret strategy with arcade lovers, promising they can always bag a prize.

He visited the Round 1 entertainment facility to demonstrate his knack for nabbing the best goodies after mastering the art.

The video shows him heading over to a claw machine before expertly gripping the plushie in one foul swoop.

Brandon then shared a step-by-step guide to his arcade hack with his 165,000 followers on the video-sharing platform.

He explained: "Round 1 has been keeping this a secret – how to win this claw machine EVERY time.

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"First, center the claw over the plushie. Then press the button to drop the claw."

The clip then shows Brandon positioning the claw over the cute plush toy before the claw descends and gets a grip on it.

This is where the gaming fanatic's top tip comes in.

He continued: "Then, most importantly, press the button AGAIN to grab the plushie.

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"A lot of people don't know you have to press the button a second time."

The TikToker explained that the prize is only secured once the button has been pressed the button again.

Social media users went wild for his arcade tactics, with many left feeling cheated after losing out on wins over the years.

One wrote: "I wish I knew this this morning when I was at the claw machines."


A third chimed in: "I used to work at Round 1, everything is rigged and we are told that we have to make the claws super sensitive lol."

And a fourth added: "It's true y'all! I got so many plushies because of pressing it two times."


The TikTok went viral and now boasts a whopping 29.3million views.

Brandon said in disbelief: How did this video of me winning a plush from the claw machine get 30 million views?"

We previously told how another bloke claimed to have cracked the code to winning at any claw machine.

But he used an alternative method, telling users how to set the machine into "maintenance code mode".

He begins the tutorial by holding the joystick making circular motions in an anticlockwise direction for a few seconds.

Talking through his actions as he speaks, the TikTok user then moves the stick up three times, down three times, left and right twice and finally up and down again.

He then hits the control button three times, which he claims will put the machine into "maintenance mode", which is "for the workers to test it."

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Once you have inserted money, the man recommends lining up your prize and then holding down the selection button.

In the tutorial video, he appears to have been successful in sneakily securing a prize.

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