Who'll find love on our blind date? This week it's Barbara and Birgir

Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Barbara, 78 and Birgir, 84 but will romance be on the cards?

  • Every week, FEMAIL asks two singletons to report back from their blind date 
  • Barbara, 78 and Birgir, 84, shared the outcome of their date at a bar in the UK 
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Barbara, 78, (pictured) is a widow, with four children and eight grandchildren 


Dating History?

I got divorced 16 years ago, but remained close to my ex-husband until he died a few years later.

I’ve had a couple of short happy relationships. I’m sometimes introduced to men by friends and I’ve even met one by chatting in a local coffee shop.


Widow, with four children and eight grandchildren.


Retired senior legal executive in criminal law.


An intelligent man who has a good sense of humour and takes care of his appearance. I’m not fond of people who like to moan or are slobs.

For the past year, I’ve used a dating site for the over-55s and have met some great chaps.

Pre-Date Nerves?

Not at all. I was constantly meeting new people in my career, so I’ve never been nervous before a date. I wore an elegant black trouser suit with a camisole top.

First Impressions?

I purposely arrived five minutes late to make sure my date was already there. I spotted him at the bar, so I walked in and introduced myself. He told me I looked gorgeous which was a great start.

He was handsome, well-dressed and said he’d been asking the other ladies at the bar if they were called Barbara, which made us all laugh.

Easy To Talk To?

Birgir is a happy soul and we had a wonderful evening. At our age, we have a lot to talk about. We chatted in depth about our lives, including his grandson, who he is very proud of. Birgir worked hard in the beer industry and travelled extensively with his work. He certainly knows his brews.

We agreed we enjoy being retired and didn’t worry about our families. I think we were well matched. It was nice to meet someone like me who focuses on the positive.


LIKED? He was an utter gentleman.

REGRETS? Good grief, no!


Embarrassing Moments?

None at all, we enjoyed one another’s company.

Did Sparks Fly?

We had a lovely time. He was very complimentary, asking me why I hadn’t been snapped up and he even held my hand. We exchanged phone numbers and, hopefully, will meet again, although he lives a little far away. We parted with a peck on the lips and I laughed when Birgir said, ‘great lips’!

Would you like to meet again?

Yes, why not, if distance allows.

What do you think he thought of you?

I think he enjoyed the date and the way I was dressed. In fact, he told me I didn’t look my age.

Would your family and friends like him?

Absolutely. He is a lovely chap, a sweetheart. You could not have chosen better.


Dating history?

I was married for 59 years until my wife passed away from cancer. I’ve been single for four years and have a wonderful daughter. I haven’t ventured into dating at all. This was my first ‘first date’ in about 65 years.

Pre-Date Nerves?


Widow after a 59-year marriage, with one adult daughter.


Retired brewer.


An independent woman who is confident, intelligent and a good conversationalist. I do not get on with domineering or loutish personalities.

Not at all. I was looking forward to it immensely. I dressed up in grey trousers and green jacket with a shirt and tie.

First Impressions?

I was at the bar first and when I saw Barbara, I immediately thought, ‘What an attractive woman’. She’s a friendly, easy-going person so we hit it off straight away. She’s a strong, powerful woman, full of life and confidence.

Easy To Talk To?

We had lots to talk about and tell each other — about our families and lives. The chat flowed and we laughed but, as you can imagine, there were also serious parts, as we both lost our partners. I enjoyed the way she talked and acted. Barbara is a big fan of cruising and suggested I might enjoy one. I went to sea as my first job, spending six months a year with no land in sight before I got married, so I never fancied a cruise. But, you never know.

Embarrassing Moments?

No, nothing.

Did Sparks Fly?


LIKED? Her humour, style and honesty.


SEE HER AGAIN? As friends.

I enjoyed her company and had a lovely evening, but I probably didn’t feel a spark. She is so wonderfully full of life and maybe our energies are a little different as I am naturally quieter.

I was married for almost six decades and never had another girlfriend, so it’s hard to compare her with others. We exchanged numbers and I’ll ring to say ‘hello’.

Would you like to meet again?

Yes, that would be lovely, maybe for a coffee or a walk. I find dinner dates a bit intense.

What do you think she thought of you?

I’m not sure. That’s difficult to answer, although I think we both really enjoyed the date. I hope Barbara thought I was attentive and caring.

Would your family and friends like her?

Oh, yes. Barbara is such a charismatic person, she’d get along with anyone.

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