Why Bruce Willis Felt Neglected in His Marriage To Demi Moore

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were once the “it” couple in Hollywood. Their marriage was rather prolonged by celebrity standards, and they ended up having three beautiful daughters together. And while their marriage had many beautiful elements, eventually Willis began to feel neglected in his relationship with Moore. Keep reading to find out why.

How long were Demi Moore and Bruce Willis married?

Moore and Willis were married from 1987-2000. According to Moore’s recently published memoir, Inside Out, one of the reasons their marriage was rocky from the start was because they both rushed into it.

They had only known each other for a few months before they decided to tie the knot, followed by having their first child not long after.

But as Moore reveals in her book, one of the reasons their marriage was so “prolonged” was because they would go extended periods without seeing each other. Because they were both huge movie stars, they barely even had time to be together as a couple. The distance kept them from getting into lover’s quarrels, yet it also left them both feeling unwanted.

Why Demi Moore and Bruce Willis got divorced

According to Moore’s memoir, she was much too lenient in her relationship with the Die Hard star. Whenever he wanted to spend a weekend in Las Vegas with his buddies or go off and cause trouble, Moore would never stop him.

She was so unfazed by what her husband did with his time, that he felt neglected in their relationship. It was almost as if, says Moore, she didn’t need him at all.

Moore writes,

“It never occurred to me that strength and independence could be a weakness until the day Bruce came into my office and told me, ‘You know, I feel like if I wasn’t here, you could just go on without skipping a beat.’ He’s right, I thought. The defensive armor I’d become accustomed to wearing was so ironclad, there was no room inside it for someone else. And I realized- too late- that this was a limitation as well as a protection. I recognized how my inability to express need was cheating him out of the chance to fulfill mine.”

“A part of him was glad he’d married someone so accommodating,” she continues. “But part of him was hearing, on the deepest level, that his presence didn’t matter. That I didn’t need him. He felt locked out by my self-reliance, which hurt him in ways he couldn’t face and fed his ambivalence about our marriage.”

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis remain best friends to this day

Although their marriage didn’t work out in the end, Willis and Moore have nothing but kind words to say about each other. They are still close as ever to this day and continue to co-parent their three children, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah.

In fact, Just this month, Moore sent Willis the sweetest birthday message, calling him “one of a kind.”

“Happy birthday, BW! You are a one of a kind!” Moore wrote on her Instagram page (via People Magazine.) “So thankful to share these three beautiful girls and for our blended families.”

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