Woman horrified after finding blood-like stain leaking from neighbours storage

A woman was spooked when she went to her storage to find blood-like stain leaked from her neighbouring unit.

Ashley Money explained she recently bought a house but due to the notice period, she had to rent a storage unit to put all of her belongings in before she could move in to the new home.

She made the shocking discovery when she was given keys to her unit and in a video she put on TikTok, a brownish crimson red stain was seen on the floor.

The camera pans up as she walks out of the unit and it appears that the dried-up stain come from the unit on her left.

"I'm not sure what that is. I'm moving so I put all my stuff there but I did tell the front office and she was on the phone pretty immediately."

While she is trying to figure out what the stain could be, viewers were getting "invested" to find out if it could be anything sinister.

Many said the blood-like stain reminded them of American crime drama Dexter and horror-comedy Santa Clarita Diet.

"Don't tell me there's a rotting corpse there and the fridge didn't work," one said.

A second added: "This is giving me the Dexter vibes."

Ashley took other viewers' advice and bought a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to test if the stain is blood.

She poured the liquid over the stain to see if it "bubbles".

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"So it not blood, no bubbles. I don't want to touch it. I was having a mild panic attack but it appears it could possibly be rust. Maybe those stripes are metal," Ashley said.

She later received an update from the staff, who asked the neighbours to open up the storage, adding: "It ended up to be something they are not allowed to store.

"Yes it did leak to mine but she did reassure me it's not a corpse. She won't get me any other information though."

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