Woman orders bargain bowls from H&M Home but howls when they arrive

Having spotted what she thought was 'bargain', a woman scooped up a set of bowls to add to her kitchen.

However, the near to £20 tableware were not exactly the real deal the 'savvy' shopper first thought she had got her hands on.

"I can't believe I did this", Lauren, from the US, voiced in a now viral TikTok clip where she shared the blunder.

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And it seems the thousands of viewers can't quite believe it either.

Lauren continued: "I ordered these bowls from H&M Home the other day and they say 'small', but they look like you could eat a soup out of it, right?''

As the bowls cost just under £5, Lauren did not want to miss out on the opportunity so bought four so she could have a matching set.

But red flags started to appear when the package from H&M Home was rather small for the tableware that she thought would be suitable for slurping soup from.

Faced with the tiny box, Lauren unwrapped one the bowls and was in for a big shock.

Instead of an average-sized bowl, the shopper purchased something that would hold some dipping sauce or a shot of espresso in.

''I guess it would be cute for a soy sauce dipper but I want some soup,'" she giggled while she held the miniature bowl.

Having already spent £20, Lauren still continues on the search for some bowls that she can fit dinner in.

''Well looks like I need some cute soup bowl recs", Lauren said in the caption of the video which racked up over 900,000 views.

It seems there hadn't been a mix up in the warehouse either, as one user pointed out: "The website literally says 1.5” tall and 2.5” round clear as a day."

Another person suggested: "They could be cute on a charcuterie board maybe for jellies or olives or something."

While a third mocked: "Oh if only they included the dimensions… oh wait."

Someone else jibed: "The dimensions are listed in the product description. There’s no reason to have been disappointed because the info is right next to the picture."

Meanwhile, a fifth said: "Lil soup shot."

Although Lauren got an earful for not checking the dimensions, she took to the comments to defend her purchase.

''Totally my bad, got a little too impulsive without reading the specs", Lauren admitted.

''You wanna know the irony of all of this?

''I work for an online jewellery company and oftentimes people will get the piece and say 'Oh, it wasn't the size I expected'.

''We're always like 'The dimensions are in the description, hello?'

''So I get it, I get it.''

At least she saw the funny side!


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