Woman reveals excruciating way her work crush discovered her feelings

‘Mortified’ woman reveals how a ‘very, very handsome’ co-worker discovered her crush when her mobile plotted a route to his home on SPEAKERPHONE after she overheard his postcode and Googled it

  • A post on Mumsnet revealed the embarrassing workplace faux pas, which saw a woman Googling her ‘handsome’ colleague’s address after she overheard it
  • However, the covert pursuit of her crush was revealed when her Google Maps blared out a ‘starting route’  to his address in a quiet office
  • ‘Mortified’ woman said she feared she’d never be able to go back in the office
  • While most found her tale funny, some suggested that her behaviour wasn’t appropriate and questioned how a man doing the same would be received  

A woman who sneakily Googled the address of a male colleague she desired, only for her phone to ‘blare out’ his postcode has revealed she’s ‘mortified’ by the workplace faux pas. 

The Mumsnet poster, using the handle ‘Faceonfire’, revealed that she wanted the ground to ‘swallow me whole’ after she overheard him revealing his postcode and decided to Google his address – only for her phone to ‘blare it out’ in a quiet office. 

She asked fellow Mumsnetters ‘How do I come back from this?’ after explaining that her curiosity had got the better of her after she’d heard the ‘very, very handsome’ colleague reveal his address while on the phone trying to get his boiler fixed.

While many saw the lighter side of the awkward exchange, others questioned whether the incident would have been viewed in the same way if a male colleague was caught Googling the address of a woman he worked with.    

A post on Mumsnet revealed one office worker’s embarrassing workplace faux pas, which saw her Googling her ‘very, very handsome’ colleague’s address after she overheard it – but feeling mortified when her phone read out the route on her speakerphone in earshot of the whole office


Admitting her behaviour was ‘creepy’, she said she couldn’t bear to go back in the office, documenting what had happened: ‘I work with a very, very, very handsome man. He was on the phone in the office this morning trying to sort out someone to come and fix his boiler.

‘He happened to say his postcode and me being the creepy wee lady I am put it into maps on my phone to see where he lived.’

She continued: ‘For some reason (and I still don’t know why) my phone blared STARTING ROUTE FROM current location TO handsome man’s postcode.’

She says the fist-in-mouth moment was made worse because he was sat only six feet away from her in a quiet office, explaining: ‘He turned to look and I couldn’t even look up for wanting the ground to swallow me whole. How do I come back from this?’

The post was quickly transferred over to Twitter, where it went viral, with many people saying they could relate to the cringe-worthy moment.   

@SarahDuggers wrote: ‘I have properly lost it after reading this on Mumsnet.’

@park_fraserpark advised how to remedy the situation, saying: ‘I suggest you own it, approach him tomorrow and say “Hey, sorry, but I overheard your postcode yesterday. It sounded familiar, but I wasn’t sure exactly why. Put it into maps, and strewth, it BLARED. I promise not to stalk you (unless you’d like me to….)”‘.

Many though questioned though whether the incident would have been viewed with such joviality had it been a male colleague searching the address of a female colleague.   

@DrSenasi wrote: ‘If this was the reverse, it would be considered sexual harassment, stalking and even calling the police.’ 

@BillyDee263 agreed, saying: ‘It’s creepy behaviour. Unless someone has specifically told YOU their address, don’t look it up. If this happened to me I would absolutely get HR involved, because that’s unacceptable.’

Others shared their own embarrassing moments, including one who’d described all of her colleagues on a piece of paper hidden in a drawer, which was discovered while she was on holiday. 

[email protected] wrote: ‘Many years ago in a new job, I wrote a letter to a friend with pen portraits of all my new colleagues, including my phwoar-I-would boss. 

‘Left it in my drawer. Went off to a meeting. Colleague went in my drawer. When I returned, they’re wearing name badges with my descriptions…’  

@newport2 added: ‘When I first started dating my wife, she went away skiing with a friend. I went to search for her name on Facebook (to see had she posted any holiday pics) but typed her name into my “What’s on your mind?” status box. Got a “WTF are you doing?” call from her within minutes.’

@DrMahim shared: ‘In a cafe 10am studying & v distractible. Nearby: 1st tinder date and one of them was wearing the most heinous outfit that would never get on TV before 10pm. SMS BFF who needed evidence so repositioned to quietly take photo with phone on silent… except forgot to turn flash off.’ 

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