Woman’s cheeky Xmas hack gives her dibs on chocolate tub without breaking seal

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A woman has found a secret to hide her tracks for sweet cravings – a hack to open a chocolate box without breaking the seal.

Maneet shared her genius idea on TikTok to show her viewers how to get a head start on family's chocolate tubs during the festive season.

She calls it a " Christmas hack you need to know" as she brings out a tub of Cadbury's Heroes.

In the clip, Maneet shows to the camera the sealed tab on the tub before she demonstrates the trick.

"Push it in the middle," she flips the box sideways and presses on it. "Until it cracks and keep pushing around."

The chocolate lover continues to do so until the lid pops open on its own.

"So now you can open it … without, oh this is amazing, breaking the seal," Maneet exclaims.

"You can take whichever you like. For me, it's going to be a Creme Egg. And a Fudge. And maybe a Crunchy. And a Wispa.

"Then you just snap it shut and [the seal] is still on there!"

The clip has been viewed more than 1.3 million times, and some viewers tried it out with other chocolate brands like the Cadbury Roses.

Maneet said it can also be an idea for surprises to the family and suggested to fill the tub with Celebrations chocolates.

One said: "That's brilliant. I'm running to Asda and get a tub now."

Another commented: "I would take all of them and put like beans or peas in there."

But some pointed out that the tubs had sellotape sealed around and their parents would know if it's taken off.

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