Woman's hack for getting stubborn stickers off wall requires just a steamer

We’ve all been there, wrestling with a sticker and trying to tear it off a wall or surface without damaging the paint (let’s hope it’s not a live, laugh, love sticker).

One mum has come up with a pretty nifty way to get rid of the little suckers, without damaging your walls.

The Australian woman called Belinda used a clothes steamer to heat up the sticky stuff until it gets softer at which you point you can peel with ease.

The trick also allows the whole thing to come off all at once rather than bit by bit.

Belinda shared her hack on a Facebook page where followers said it was genius.

While Belinda used a specific steamer from Australian store Kmart, which we don’t have in the UK, you can opt for other fabric steamers that will do the same job.

She wrote on her post: ‘Need to remove wall paper or stickers?

‘Grab a $35 (£19.79) Kmart Garment Steamer and peel off without damaging your walls! Easy as!’

While you can’t head to Kmart for the item, you can buy a steamer from Argos for the same price.

Followers of the Facebook group said the tip was amazing.

One wrote: ‘Now that is a genuine hack!’ while another said: ‘Thanks, what a great idea’.

Others noted that it’s possible to peel off a sticker easily using a hairdryer.

However, that might also cause the paint to come off (due to the higher levels of heat), so a steamer may be your best bet.

And if it’s labels you’re trying to take off (got to take off those pesky price stickers), then another woman has a hack for you.

Posting on TikTok , Lexie Byers explained how she uses a strip of tape to wax it off.

She had a stack of white tumbler cups with stickers on the bottom that she was going to stick in the dishwasher but wanted to remove the tags first.

Instead of trying to remove them with her fingers, Lexie used tape, leaving a little at the end and waxing it off to peel the sticker.


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