Women joke ‘they’d rather be single’ after budget £19 engagement ring goes viral

An engagement ring has caused a stir online because of its price.

Made of sterling silver with Cubic Zirconia to give it a diamond-style bling, the £19 band is on sale at jewellers Warren James.

Fay Goodard, from south east London, shared a snap of the knockdown ring in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UKFacebook group.

She said she thought the ring was ideal for anyone who wants to pop the question to their partner but are limited to what they can spend.

Thousands of people reacted to her post which secured over 2,000 comments from members of the group.

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One person commented: “I would say no if my partner gave me that.”

Another added: “OMG. If I was proposed to with this they’d be single let alone married.”

However, the majority of Facebook users said the price of the ring didn’t matter as much and slammed those that disagreed.

A user said: “I prefer a cheap ring, cause I’m clumsy and am likely to lose or break any ring I get bought.

“I’d be heartbroken if the ring cost a lot of money, the sentiment is hard enough to lose.”

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Another added: “Wow so many materialistic people – the question is – would you even know? The price tag shouldn’t matter.”

Other Facebook users dubbed the critics as “spoilt princesses”.

Previously, a woman’s engagement ring got roasted online for looking like “someone puked on it”.

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A woman shared a photo of her ring on the That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming Facebook group and invited others to grill the design.

She explained how the wedding ring set cost £19.20 and didn’t want anything big or flashy because she was working at a hospital at the time.

One labelled the ring as “cloudier than my p*** at a festival mate”.

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