Women share the worst back-handed compliments they've ever received

Nice legs, what happened to the rest of you? Women reveal the worst backhanded compliments they’ve received from everyone from men to their mother-in-law

  • Women have anonymously shared the worst compliments they ever received 
  • Made their shocking revelations on the US-based confession app Whisper 
  • One employee said she was told by her boss she was not interesting but reliable
  • One complimented about legs and asked ‘what happened to the rest of body’

Some people know just how to deliver a compliment that sounds – and feels – just like an insult. 

Women have shared the worst back-handed flattery they’ve received on the US-based anonymous confession app Whisper. 

One woman said her boss told her she was not interesting, but that he appreciated how reliable she was, while another was complimented for having nice legs, before being asked: ‘What happened to the rest of you?’ 

A lot of people found that the backhanded compliments were chat up lines that went very badly wrong.  

On face value there’s nothing especially bad about saying that someone is ‘too cute to be single’ but not when you follow it up by suggesting that the person must be mentally unstable, while another was told she was pretty despite her short hair. 

Anonymous people from the US have shared the worst back-handed compliments they’ve ever received. One woman was complimented on her legs but asked what had happened to the rest of her body

A woman with short hair was not flattered when a man told her he didn’t like women without pixie cuts but thought she was pretty anyway

In what is probably the world’ worst pick-up line ever, a man told a woman she was ‘too cute to be single’ and that it meant she was insane 

A mother-in-law landed herself in hot water after telling her daughter-in-law’s sister she was finally pretty like her siblings 

An employee recounted how her boss thanked her for doing her job well after telling her she was not the most interesting person on his team 

One person could not believe this woman was asexual and complimented her in the most awkward of ways 

Managing expectations. One man told this participant that she was not ‘hot,’ but added she was cute 

In a rather bizarre compliment, someone told his woman they could tell she was losing weight by looking at her breasts 

One person was outraged when she was told that she looked good for her age and discouraged others from saying it to anyone else 

One of the women had no time for people trying to compliment her and nudge her to lose weight 

On participant was told that her hair looked nice, but was insulted when the person asked why she did not put them up like that more often 

One woman was announced after she was complimented for her ‘pregnancy glow’ when she was not even pregnant

One woman said a man commented on her appearance, saying she’d be more attractive without tattoos 

One ex-partner outrageously told this woman she had a body made for adult entertainment but not her face 

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